08-10-2011 09:04 AM
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  1. tlincoln's Avatar
    I am an absolute Android fan, loved the OG Droid, the DInc and DInc II, but I bought the Xoom for my Dad for Fathers Day. Nothing but reboots and freezes. I went through 2 returns (Best Buy) and they all did the same. At first, I thought is was my Dad or Nieces playing with it but I had it for a week trying to get it to work right. Nothing but freezes and reboots, eventually it just stopped completely and that was on the third one with no one touching it but me. Now it won't even turn on. What a JOKE!! I love this platform but the Xoom is putting a bad taste to it. I will try out the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for him next but if that doesn't work "As Advertised" then I hate to admit it, but he will be getting an iPad 2. He's in his sixties and just wants something the he can browse and email from. Anybody else have these problems? Reboots and freezes on the honey comb screen?
    08-02-2011 08:34 PM
  2. slackerjack's Avatar
    Did you buy open boxed xooms? Just curious...I had two of them and no issues. Landed on a Galaxy Tab 10.1...better for me but your mileage may vary
    08-02-2011 08:47 PM
  3. tlincoln's Avatar
    Did you buy open boxed xooms? Just curious...I had two of them and no issues. Landed on a Galaxy Tab 10.1...better for me but your mileage may vary
    First & second were Boxed New, third was refurbed (thought I'd give it a shot), same story. Why would Moto or Best Buy allow this type of product to be sold? It's gotta be costing them both a Boat Load on returns!!
    08-02-2011 08:51 PM
  4. bmhanson's Avatar
    Makes me wonder what apps you are running. Had my Xoom since day one and I don't have that issue. Of course that would not explain why it won't turn on.
    08-02-2011 08:54 PM
  5. PensHockey's Avatar
    So many tablets? Possible user error? No problems here so far. Anybody having as serious of problems as this guy is?
    08-02-2011 09:05 PM
  6. KJ's Avatar
    No issues here... I've had the wifi since launch.
    08-02-2011 09:13 PM
  7. tlincoln's Avatar
    Makes me wonder what apps you are running. Had my Xoom since day one and I don't have that issue. Of course that would not explain why it won't turn on.
    No Apps, what so ever. The only thing I did on the first was connect to wifi and set up my Dad's gmail and made sure it was working properly. It rebooted after i set up his device and didn't think anything of it. he called me two days later and explained what was happening (to myself I laughed and thought user error). I couldn't get over to see him for a few days and my nieces and nephews had played with it ages 12 & 13. nothing downloaded but they said the same thing. It rebooted or froze every minute or two. Took it back, got another NIB, roughly the same issues which shocked me, I fired it up, did the update myself and BAMN running good for about 5-6min, they reboot, honeycomb freeze, reboot. i couldn't even get it to reset. Tried one more refurbed and will be taking it back tomorrow. I'm sad because it has everything I want for my Dad with the ports and MicroSD but come on the Instability of this thing is ridiculous!!!
    08-02-2011 09:19 PM
  8. CypherMax's Avatar
    Day one 3G here absolutely no issues. Really strange to get 2 xooms in a row with same issue. Sorry to hear you had this experience. Honeycomb is really awesome when its running properly...don't give up on android.
    08-02-2011 09:24 PM
  9. R8trfan#IM's Avatar
    Bought my Xoom first week it was out my wife and son about two weeks later. We don't have those issues.
    08-02-2011 10:02 PM
  10. Simonbarsinistr's Avatar
    No issues here either, bought the wifi on launch day.

    And I hate to say it, but if your dad is 60 and not that tech savvy, you may want to get him the iPad. They are much easier for tech novices.

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    08-02-2011 10:12 PM
  11. tntdroid's Avatar
    Never a issue day one 3g. Unlocked rooted and kernels changed and still nothing. Get the ipad I'm sure it would be better for him anyway.

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    08-02-2011 10:20 PM
  12. dhendriksen's Avatar
    I say user error. Me, my wife and several friends/coworkers have them...all working perfectly.
    08-02-2011 10:32 PM
  13. Major's Avatar
    I haven't had any such problems with my wifi Xoom. Either you have the worst luck, or there is something else going on here.
    08-02-2011 11:35 PM
  14. JediJesus95's Avatar
    I get the occasional lockup but it's not very often. Other than that it works like a charm.
    08-02-2011 11:53 PM
  15. sparhawke2000's Avatar
    Picked up my 3G Xoom on the first day, and have never had a problem. Two bad devices in a row seem strange though.
    08-03-2011 12:12 AM
  16. fevetbeing's Avatar
    Xoom is truly awesome. Esp. the Honeycomb is available to upgrade timely, and it's so nice to experience new features that just launch by Google.
    08-03-2011 01:02 AM
  17. lobobuzz's Avatar
    The browser crashes quite a bit for me and there is serious typing lag and copy/paste issues within the browser, but other than that I'm happy with the device.

    I'm hoping some/all of browser issues get resolved in the next update. FYI- I have the Verizon 3/4G version.
    08-03-2011 07:54 AM
  18. p08757's Avatar
    I've never had those issues. Had my 3G Xoom since launch day. I do get the occasional force close, but those are mostly on apps not optimized for the Xoom. I can live with that.
    08-03-2011 07:58 AM
  19. cparker5's Avatar
    Day 1 3G here. I have not had a unexpected power down, unable to power up or any of the issues I read here. I think an iPad it probably better for him anyway.
    08-03-2011 08:07 AM
  20. Muddyml's Avatar
    No issues with my WiFi only and I've had it since release.

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    08-03-2011 08:13 AM
  21. mrakifa's Avatar
    Love my Xoom...sometimes the issue can be the user...no issues here...Dual Core power!!!
    08-03-2011 09:32 AM
  22. bigslam123's Avatar
    sounds like maybe you are getting power surges when you go to charge and it is hosing up the Xoom. I suspect you need to try and charge from a different location.
    08-03-2011 09:52 AM
  23. jbecerril's Avatar
    I got my xoom from verizon the day it came out and i havent had any problems with it. my 4 year old plays with it too and its been working like a champ
    08-03-2011 10:01 AM
  24. sethwardo's Avatar
    had one issue more then a month ago it would not shut off, hard reset fixed that. aside from that no issues.
    08-03-2011 10:18 AM
  25. slwerner's Avatar
    I've had my 3G Xoom since Feb. One scare after about a month when it wouldn't boot up (learned the holding volume up, followed by powering on trick). Since then, I use my Xoom extensively, and have had just a few application lock-ups (stock browser, usually), but other wise trouble-free use.

    Perhaps the one Best Buy in question got a shipment of some problematic Xooms. I'd be curious to know if that store saw an unusually high rate of returns due to defects?

    As for the iPad 2 being a better bet for the non-tech savvy, I did a quick search for "ipad 2 locked up". Sure seem to be a lot of iPad 2 owners experiencing lock-ups. It's no panacea.
    08-03-2011 10:28 AM
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