1. slwerner's Avatar
    I recently decided to go ahead and purchase a low-cost, full sized Bluetooth mouse and Keyboard combo (Rocketfish Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse from Amazon) to use with my Xoom while at home.(this is all post 3.2 upgrade)

    Both devices easily paired and connected to my Xoom, however, while the mouse always reconnects, the keyboard does not.

    It is set up to automatically reconnect (although I've tried disabling the automatic reconnection without any improvement), but even when I go into the Bluetooth settings and try to manually reconnect it, it will not connect.

    What I have had to do - repeatedly - has been to un-pair, then re-scan for and re-pair the keyboard to get it working again.

    I'm assuming that this is NOT normal behavior? I'm also wondering if it isn't simply a matter of "getting what I paid for", and the low-cost Rocketfish keyboard is just cheaply made and unreliable junk?

    Anyone else having issues with Rocketfish products? Anyone having good luck with another (full-sized, not too expensive) Bluetooth keyboard that they'd like to recommend?

    I would guess that the higher-priced models are bound to work better, but I will only sparingly use a keyboard (I do however, like using the mouse, as it is much more "accurate" than my wide finger-tip), so I am really only looking for a lower-cost (<$25) option.
    08-15-2011 11:30 AM