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    I have a weird issue that I want to get input from the community about. I sent off my Xoom to get upgraded for 4G. I have the service on but I have it suspended therefor I am not paying for it. I got the Xoom back and got the prompt to switch it to LTE/CDMA mode and I hit yet. I noticed that I had internet access then, and was able to accept the new market terms of agreement, and it said I have 4G coverage.

    I called Verizon and they stated that they still see that the service is suspended and I still see that it is as well. I asked them to read back the SIM that I had on the account to make sure that the SIM's matched and they do. I am worried about getting charged for this because I still want my service suspended. I had Verizon notate the account that I called in and that it was still suspended but I will admit I am a little worried. Any advice at all?
    10-06-2011 02:28 PM