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    I've spent the better part of my day off looking for a way to fix this and this is my final hope.

    I have a wifi only xoom,

    android version 3.2
    firmware: gas_asia_ucahublwfrtird_p009

    I don't have a problem with netflix actually working, but it's a problem with the resolution. It looks like its supposed to be running on a tiny phone. its full screen but the resolution is terrible... not what i would expect from this size screen. is there anything anyone has run into about this? i've been googling it all day with no luck. please help!!
    12-08-2011 07:33 PM
  2. oggy1984's Avatar
    by the way, i've tried getting it to update to 3.2.1 with no dice. it is at 100% battery but it still says that it's up to date... could that possibly be the problem?

    also, occasionally when i've been sitting at the computer trying to find something that would give me some kind of hint about how to fix this i've left the screen on the login and its gone to sleep. when i wake it back up it is at full resolution with nothing wrong. it looks like it should on a tablet. however when i change screens it reverts right back to the huge resolution of a tiny phone and everything looks huge. sorry for the rant but i realized that more info would help...
    12-08-2011 07:38 PM
  3. PensHockey's Avatar
    If you let it play after a min it clears up. Are you running the official netflix app? Newest update is for tablets.
    12-08-2011 09:48 PM
  4. oggy1984's Avatar
    yeah its the official app... sometimes when you log in and actually get into a movie it turns out okay, but it takes quite a few tries to get it to be the natural tablet resolution instead of phone resolution... i've tried uninstalling flash updates and netflix and restarting. doesn't do anything...
    12-08-2011 10:29 PM
  5. Viventis's Avatar
    Netflix with this tablet is like Netflix with the new Roku boxes. It starts out in a very low resolution and then cleans up to the max it can, depending upon the internet connection. Therefore, it will only show in it's best resolution with a good internet connection. If you get varied final resolutions, the variable might be your internet throughput.
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    12-09-2011 12:07 PM