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    I have an issue mirroring Google Movie Rentals. I have been able to do it before, but I have a new A/V setup that I think might be the issue. I have a projector, and had to run a boosted 50 ft HDMI cable through the ceiling to it. Since the projector only has one HDMI input and I didn't want to run multiple cables, I put in a 4 port HDMI switch to accommodate the various devices I want to feed through the long cable (FIOS TV, Blu-ray player, my Xoom). Everything works fine and when I hook my Xoom up, I get the image mirrored perfectly on the screen. But when I try to play a movie rented from Google, the display turns to a big red X (and this isn't how the projector indicates no signal - it's definitely coming from the Xoom). My suspicion is that it doesn't recognize the switch as being HDCP compliant. Does this seem reasonable? Would any of the HDMI mirroring solutions (HDMwIn, etc.) fix this (although I don't really want to root)? Anyone have any other suggestions?
    01-07-2012 08:12 AM
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    I would first suggest hooking the xoom to the projector directly. Try a non google market movie or any other file and see if that plays.

    Let me know.

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    01-08-2012 03:12 PM