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    I have shot video and tapped the screen ,but no still shot has been taken. Also ,where is this feature that can give special effects to the videos? I did use the panaramoa mode and it works lovely.

    "Richer and versatile imaging capabilities: For capturing larger scenes, the camera introduces a single motion panorama mode. Also, you can now take still shots while shooting video just by tapping the screen as video continues to record. You can also launch camera directly from the Lockscreen. When you shoot videos, you can now choose from a number of silly faces and other fun effects which recognize individual facial features so you can give your friends big eyes, squeeze heads, make noses bigger, or change the scenery with background replacement. "
    01-19-2012 09:03 AM
  2. louie2701's Avatar
    Also, where is the microphone located on the keyboard? I used to have it on there, but cannot find it since the ICS update.
    01-19-2012 09:09 AM
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    There's a setting icon on that wheel when the camera is on video, hit that, the silly faces is a square looking icon.

    Only when recording though not pictures. Haven't figured out the screen cap when recording yet either.
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    01-24-2012 02:37 AM