1. DakotaTheNifty's Avatar
    I have the Wifi model of the Xoom that I bought online a while ago. I am in the US and I have been anticipating the ics ota update. I was looking in Settings > About tablet when I noticed that my Xoom had a build number that was not for the US. So I followed the instructions here:
    MOTODEV > Products > Device Software

    And I downloaded the US build and unlocked the Xoom, installed it, and relocked it.
    I received the ota 3.1 update and it downloaded, but when the Xoom restarted to install the update it stopped mid-installation and the android guy was sitting there with the yellow caution sign.

    How can I fix this and update?
    01-20-2012 09:45 PM
  2. Castorshells's Avatar
    First try soft reboot with holding power and volume up.

    If nothing your going to need to setup adb on your PC. You need to get the Xoom to the bootloader and flash some images again.

    Did you happen to install a custom recovery?
    01-24-2012 02:31 AM