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    Hello everyone,
    I got my tablet from Newegg few moths ago and it came clean, with no unwanted apps. It worked fine for me to the point when it started lagging, so I tried to restart it and the things got nasty. It wouldn't load past the Moto logo and when I tried to reboot with power button and the volume key it would give the this messages:
    Starting RSD protocol support 0
    OneWire: Charger is not connected or battery is not being charged...
    Battery Charge Level: 89%
    What should I do next?

    When I connected the tablet to the computer it said the right drivers are installed, but when i go to my computer I don't see the device.

    I managed to do factory reset it, wiped all the data and it's apparently working, but now it tells that there are some updates, i say go and then it goes in android recovery?! Three times already!
    Any ideas why?
    11-12-2012 10:23 AM

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