1. Kyle Gibb's Avatar
    After being opposed to the idea of tablets for the past year based largely on my experiences using the iPad, I sense some change. The demo videos of Honeycomb look simply amazing and I can see myself doing some real work on a device with that form factor. However, I need a couple more things:

    1- Google Docs native app: I need to do work on my tablet. And short of Microsoft throwing Office or someone porting Open Office to Android Google Docs is the next best thing.
    2- Better file management- I want to be able to download and store things like pdf's and powerpoints and be able to organise them like I would on a laptop.
    3- WiFi only versions- I already have a data plan for my phone. Not gonna pay for one on the tablet and I would love to not have to pay for a 3G radio if I don't need to use it (rooted tethering FTW).

    I was planning on getting a MacBook Air for taking to class (yes, I am in college seesh) but I can see myself using a tablet if I can take notes and do actual work on them. Plus, being able to write up posts for the site would be nice as well

    What about you guys?
    01-07-2011 03:47 PM
  2. 2CupsWithString's Avatar
    I think you can get around the first two with apps. I use documents to go while on the subway and it works great - that even being just on my Evo, I'm sure I'll be even faster with it on a 10" screen.

    I think file management is what you make of it and just like you have to organize your desktop pc files the same can be said of android. I used to use Astro but have since moved over to Root Explorer.

    I'm buying this tablet out right most likely, I know I'll over pay for the 3G radio but I don't want to wait or add another contract.
    01-07-2011 03:50 PM
  3. terpitude71's Avatar
    i think i would need wi-fi only. i would not want to pay for 3g or LTE service on a device that is not going to be my main mobile device. as kyle alluded to, rooted tethering from my X allows me to hotspot wherever i go
    01-07-2011 10:04 PM
  4. Auzo's Avatar
    i think i would need wi-fi only. i would not want to pay for 3g or LTE service on a device that is not going to be my main mobile device. as kyle alluded to, rooted tethering from my X allows me to hotspot wherever i go
    I see that request a lot it seems, but I wonder why buying off contract is not an acceptable solution? Sure you will be paying a bit more for the 3g/4g hardware that you will not use but imo that shouldn't be more than $50 and thats a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of 2 years on contract.

    On a side note, the up charge on the ipads with 3g ($130) is borderline robbery. Just another way for steve to bend us over. The cost of the chip when bought in bulk is probably like $5 and sure there is some extra antennas needed and routing, etc etc. but that cost still pales in comparison to the 130 they charge. I do like the buy data as needed option though hopefully V gives similar options
    01-08-2011 12:07 AM
  5. terpitude71's Avatar
    oh, i definitely plan on buying it off contract (no reason to get roped in to an agreement on what is going to be a peripheral device for me), but i dont want to have to pay for the service at all, as i only need it to do wi-fi. to that end, i would think a wi-fi only version would be cheaper.
    01-08-2011 05:35 PM
  6. Menno's Avatar
    1. As for google docs, It will be interesting to see how the desktop client works. For me, I use Docs to go on my Incredible and it's passible (though I don't type a TON on it, even HTC's keyboard isn't that good. I'm positive Dataviz, or some other company will make a tablet optimized version of their app once the Honeycomb SDK is released, but a googledocs native app would be better. Honestly, why wasn't this part of the initial launch?

    2. I use Astro or Cyanogen's (I know it's not his, I just can't remember dev atm) file browser if I'm running a custom rom. They work out rather well, though Android apps billion folder creation can make it kinda cluttered. Maybe a GUI for accessing it? Build it into a Gdocs app even.

    3. I'm actually the opposite here. Depending on pricing, I'm actually debating getting the LTE version of it. Granted, my cell line is cheap (family plan) but I could see myself using the data, especially if it offered tethering for no extra charge like the tab. But I do want a wifi option, if not for the XOOM than for some other high end honeycomb device. OS Adoption is one of the ways to spur development.

    For me, it comes down to how the onscreen keyboard is, what apps look like while running, and what the docks look like. Give me a decent keyboard with this, and I won't have to worry about a laptop.

    But for it to be my dream machine? It has to play Mass Effect 3 :P
    01-19-2011 01:24 PM