10-25-2012 04:52 AM
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  1. Live2ride883's Avatar
    Here is a picture of the dash of my Isuzu Rodeo, I took he ash tray out and made a cusom mount for my satallite radio. I also hooked up a power port behind the radio so I could leave the Sirius radio hooked up all the time and still have a power port free in case I have to plug in my Xoom.

    I just ordered some sheets of ABS plastic and as soon as it gets here I am gonna see about making a mount for the Xoom.
    02-26-2011 07:51 PM
  2. dwboston's Avatar
    My son wonderng why Daddy gets a sweet new Xoom while he's stuck with an old RAZR:
    02-26-2011 10:50 PM
  3. VMdoug's Avatar
    Back yard pick with my XOOM

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    02-27-2011 02:56 PM
  4. chaguewood's Avatar
    lol Can't deny that Macbooks are extremely stable.
    02-27-2011 03:24 PM
  5. admiral70's Avatar
    Shasta Lake with Mount Shasta in the background.

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    02-27-2011 09:03 PM
  6. Chris Kerrigan's Avatar
    That's a gorgeous picture!
    02-27-2011 09:11 PM
  7. Sauk's Avatar
    Thanks for the welcome @thefredelement @Phil Nickinson @Xm_jdm @rohdawg11

    @Sauk, what team wears that helmet? I'm a sports fan, but neither I nor Goggles could identify, ha.
    It is the utah blaze and that is a mini helmet. We are in the arena football league.
    03-01-2011 12:27 AM
  8. Michlo's Avatar
    meh i have that monopoly board...i forget where i got it thou
    I have it too. I got mine years ago from the Franklin Mint. I think it cost me around $500 as the wood is mahogany and the pieces gold plated.

    Then a room-mate's cat chewed on the corners. Grrr.

    If I can remember when I get home I'll dig it out and take a picture with my Xoom.
    03-05-2011 06:15 PM
  9. tntdroid's Avatar
    Not a good xoom photo but a yummy one :-)

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    03-06-2011 12:41 AM
  10. BasPilot's Avatar
    What's with all the beer pictures?! Someone drink some Mt. Dew already!
    03-09-2011 02:47 PM
  11. dhendriksen's Avatar
    It is the utah blaze and that is a mini helmet. We are in the arena football league.
    You in Utah? I am, and I've done a lot of work for The Blaze in the past.
    03-09-2011 02:49 PM
  12. DrWu's Avatar
    Since I took these pictures with my Xoom I thought I'd post them. Pictures of the mod I made to the case so I can charge it while its closed. To make the hole I cut off the end of an RCA Cable and pulled out the pin, lined it up and hammered away. the hole it makes is exactly the correct dimension for the plug to fit through without making contact with the case. (note that I had to take the third picture with my Craptivate since my Xoom was in the case)
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    03-11-2011 03:16 PM
  13. ishore99's Avatar
    I have used HP iPrint and Print Share. Both work very well from the Xoom using my HP Photosmart 6300.
    03-12-2011 08:52 PM
  14. macdaddybuff's Avatar

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    03-13-2011 05:56 PM
  15. jcstarr's Avatar
    Awesome idea to use the end of a RCA cable. I been wanting to mod mine but didn't want to **** up the case considering it was $40. I will be doing mine later today.
    03-16-2011 10:00 AM
  16. suave85's Avatar
    These are two pictures i took with my Xoom on one of the beaches at Marine Corps Base Hawaii.
    03-27-2011 02:33 PM
  17. suave85's Avatar
    Not a good xoom photo but a yummy one :-)

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    I hope the donation i made to you, bought you at least two of those.
    03-27-2011 02:37 PM
  18. toodamfast's Avatar
    All better than expected. I can't wait for mine to get here...
    03-27-2011 02:57 PM
  19. Mominator's Avatar
    Yes, my cat is sitting in the XOOM box.

    03-28-2011 04:04 PM
  20. lcsglvr's Avatar
    Hopefully mine is here tomorrow (maybe next day). I can't wait!!
    03-30-2011 01:38 PM
  21. gitit20's Avatar
    here is one as i sit in the mall were my store is
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    03-30-2011 06:13 PM
  22. Cesar29's Avatar
    Xoom wifi :-)

    03-30-2011 10:02 PM
  23. Cesar29's Avatar
    One more time....

    03-30-2011 10:23 PM
  24. siscim23's Avatar
    Pretty nice view.
    This was xoomed in, too.
    03-30-2011 10:28 PM
  25. lightshedder's Avatar
    04-02-2011 05:34 PM
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