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10-25-2012 03:52 AM
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  1. acozzens's Avatar
    Attached is a pic I took just now while hooked up to HDMI on my samsung.
    Just ponder that, I had to look at it a couple times too.

    Took a pic of the tv, while image out on the tv. I can't even write that.
    Here are a buttload more of my xoom photo extravaganza. I update the thing all the time.

    Definitely a nice monopoly board in above shots. that is some serious monopoly.

    here are a buttload of other pics "of" the xoom.
    04-04-2011 12:38 AM
  2. lightshedder's Avatar
    Here is a another Xoom shot processed in PicSay Pro. Lots of processed

    04-07-2011 07:24 PM
  3. JerzieBarbie's Avatar
    hahahah @ Tech 10! That got me. good one! Im gettign more and more about goign to get my Xoom Saturday. I was debating a BBPB but its won me over. Xoom it is. I will go play with the PB though. hehe

    My Samsung Epic takes awsome pics like that in a pitch black room. Have to appreciate the work they put into a Camera. I sold my Digi Cam.
    04-14-2011 01:21 PM
  4. Carlos Thomas's Avatar
    Here is some video I took with my Motorola Xoom. You can watch it in 720p via YouTube:
    Here some more footage. I did not try to Xoom in, but these should give you a since of trying to capture something going 80 MPH:
    04-14-2011 01:25 PM
  5. davyhill21's Avatar
    This is me playing with my macro and my sweet newborn. She has such a nerd daddy. And a small disclaimer, my fingernails are long for playing the guitar, just in case you all were wondering :-)
    04-17-2011 09:37 PM
  6. JerzieBarbie's Avatar
    How can I post the pictures ive taken with my Xoom?
    04-20-2011 11:52 AM
  7. tntdroid's Avatar
    How can I post the pictures ive taken with my Xoom?
    Check out tapatalk. Its a must for forums. Also has a easy post a photo option. If you want to just use your PC then you need to load the image to a photo site and copy/paste the image link.

    Sent by Xoom
    04-20-2011 08:02 PM
  8. tntdroid's Avatar
    Not a awesome Xoom photo but a awesome race finish with jimmie winning by 0.002 seconds.

    Sent by Xoom
    04-20-2011 08:03 PM
  9. alphanu22's Avatar
    I'm bored at my hotel. Messing with XOOM. Pic taken from my DX.

    06-25-2011 10:44 PM
  10. MartinRW's Avatar
    I took some awesome photos with my Xoom of my recent trip to NYC. I attempted to "cut" and "paste" the files using HD File Manager and instantly ALL of the photos vanished. I've not been able to locate them on either my desktop computer or my Xoom. The app manufacturer has no idea how to recover them.

    Any ideas?
    07-13-2011 03:27 PM
  11. jtmeyers's Avatar
    Drove to San Francisco today as my wife is running the Nike Women's Marathon this weekend. I told her that we needed to stop by Google's Building 44 to check out the Android statues. Here are two of our daughters (Ashleigh & Katie) with the Ice Cream Sandwich Statue taken today with my Motorola XOOM.

    I cannot get the embed image link to Picasa to work. Here's the direct link to the picture:

    And a reduced size image:
    Attachment 16591
    10-15-2011 12:03 AM
  12. neohemp's Avatar
    This is definitely the best picture on here. I will leave it to you to figure out why since those are your daughters and I am a gentleman.
    11-21-2011 02:07 AM
  13. SolWgn's Avatar
    Greetings from Mountain View! A few of us on the Android / Mobile team at Google wanted to say hello. Honeycomb was our Breakfast of Champions today I'm third from the left. Eager to hear more of your Honeycomb / XOOM feedback!

    The lady on the left is Beautiful!
    12-10-2011 10:22 PM
  14. ultralight23's Avatar
    Here's my back yard from this past spring...
    Attached Thumbnails Pictures Taken with your Xoom-img_20120306_183531.jpg  
    10-18-2012 11:23 PM
  15. Castorshells's Avatar
    Here is my newest tattoo, just the android, had him connected to the circuitry I already have.

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    10-25-2012 03:52 AM
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