1. chaguewood's Avatar
    1) I know the Android FB app has a chat feature, but can you chat in the actual browser like on a lap top?

    2) I know some other people have asked about video on the xoom, but is there really no good way to play videos on this thing? That seems like an awful oversight. Are there ways to at least purchase movies through an app or service so they will play on the Xoom?

    3) How are you all managing fingerprints? Are there any screen protectors besides the ones on amazon?

    4) How about MSN messenger...I know this one is probably a stretch but I am just trying to think what I do on my laptop that I am curious can be replicated on my xoom.

    5) I am really looking forward to Quickoffice, Google Body, etc.....Engadget mentioned Google Body on their Xoom, but I have noticed that many people are saying they don't have it.....any word on apps like these? I assume they are coming because there were already so many today!

    6) I ordered my Xoom through Motorola's site today...I should be able to just go to Verizon and do month to month data without the contract correct?

    Thanks guys!
    02-25-2011 12:41 AM
  2. mike28486's Avatar
    3) I would like to know the same thing, going to have to start carrying around a cloth with me at all times. Sucks, but inevitable with any new tech toys out there.

    4) Should be able to roll with BeeJive, trillian, or any other multi-messenger device, most work with MSN. However we may have to wait a few days or so until developers at least correct their app to look better on the xoom, or you will have a lot of empty screen real estate.

    5) I think quickoffice needs to fix their app on the xoom, as I can access it and open up files, but for the life of me can't find where to create a new document, and there is a lot of empty real estate. As for google body, I am waiting for this also as my xoom did not come with it much like others.

    6) Yes if you ordered it at an unsubsidized price ($800) then you can call Verizon and do a month to month. be careful however as I have seen postings that when you take a month off or so and go to re-activate it for a month that you have to pay the re-activation fee. hopefully ths is not true, but if it is screw Verizon and their nickle and diming ways.
    02-25-2011 12:47 AM
  3. Xm_jdm's Avatar
    1) no
    02-25-2011 12:50 AM
  4. chaguewood's Avatar
    Thanks for the quick responses guys. I guess the fb chat thing will have to do on the app.

    I am hoping tablets will eventually replace laptops but I guess we will see. I definitely think it is possible.
    02-25-2011 01:02 AM
  5. jackhaen's Avatar
    Hoping this is a good spot to ask ..... how do you close an application on the xoom?
    02-25-2011 10:24 AM