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    Ive seen enough coming across my Google alerts of fanboys from both sides blasting each others tablet. End of the day it comes down to what do you want out of your device. I recently traded in my iPhone for a Captivate, and quickly made a swap for the Inspire. If i want a Fisher-Price tablet (everything served on Apples plate with only what they want you to have) then I get an iPad 2. If I want something that takes a little reading but it gets you a machine thats truly yours then its the Xoom. Being new to Android there was a learning curve. But if I want to get the most out of anything I own (cars, TV's, etc) I need to be willing to do some research and work. When it came to tablets, I knew before I bought the Xoom there would be features not yet enabled. I was also aware that it was obvious there wouldn't be anywhere near the same number of apps, it was a new format for Android.
    However i know that the SDK is out there now and the Apps will increase, and it will include apps that are open, meaning Apple wont decide if I can have the App or not. Also I can customize my tab to look how i want and do what i want, much of which not having to root my device. With regard to the weight, I am currently toting around a 17" Toshiba laptop. I need an entire bag to carry the case, power supply, mouse, ect. The arguement over how many ounces the iPad and Xoom are different is actually funny to me. Compared to what I had to carry....come on. Since I have had the Xoom the only reason I have had to use my laptop is to read how to tweak the Xoom.
    I bought the Xoom not for what it had on the day of release, but for what this tablet has the ability to become. Not just through Moto, but also through the Android community that is backing it up. This device has long legs and there are those out there willing to help people like me to realize the full potential of the Xoom. Over the past days I have enjoyed making my home screen, widgets, ect look and act how I want. Small changes but changes I couldnt have done on Apple.

    Don't get me wrong the Ipad 2 is a good kit and will sell by the millions, however I am willing to take some time out of my day to learn what the Xoom can do and there are others willing to help me expand its use into far more than the iPad 2 could ever do. This is based on Apple having such a lock down what you can do with the device you bought. Moto knows your going to root their device, and they ask you scub it before sending it for the 4G upgrade (drivers need to be uniform for the firmware/hardware update) But you get it back and reinstall your setup. Third Party vendors will create the add ons that Moto screwed up (charging dock with no access to the USB/HDMI, really??)

    Like I said I knew of Xoom's shortcomings when I bought it, but I was looking at the long term use and evolution of this tab. Not something i will swap out in 10 months. Didnt mean to go on a rant but the back and forth of the fanboys on both sides has made me feel I needed to put my two cents in....
    03-13-2011 11:47 AM
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    Agreed lol. You basically said all my thoughts

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    03-13-2011 01:08 PM
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    very good write up.

    i too am considering purchasing one and using it the way you describe.

    i have a 17in macbook pro and would much rather carry the xoom around instead.

    just want that wifi only model to come out asap hehe
    03-13-2011 01:36 PM
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    Well said. I can smell flash already; and even the non-optimized apps work well enough to be completely usable. I am happy I went for the Xoom instead of upgrading from iPad to iPad2...

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    03-13-2011 03:55 PM
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    Nicely stated!! I'm totally loving my Xoom and having a blast with it.
    03-13-2011 05:46 PM
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    Have to agree with everything said. I can't imagine what this thing will be like in six months.
    I too have barely used my laptop since I purchased the xoom. I use the 3G at work to access the internet and read email. Don't have smart phone anymore, waiting for the Thunderbolt to be release.
    03-13-2011 06:37 PM