1. gizzyman's Avatar
    I have almost stopped playing Angry birds because now, at least on my xoom, a pop-up advertisement takes over the screen untill you press the X to close it. Anyone else getting annoyed by these ad's?
    03-17-2011 12:43 AM
  2. ravizzle's Avatar
    does adfree work on rooted xooms? if it does then maybe u should check it out.
    03-17-2011 12:46 AM
  3. gizzyman's Avatar
    not interested in rooting my xoom, I am happy with it the way it is.

    does adfree work on rooted xooms? if it does then maybe u should check it out.
    03-17-2011 12:48 AM
  4. ravizzle's Avatar
    but if by rooting it (u dont have to flash kernals or roms) you can get rid of ads, wont that make you happier with the way the xoom is?

    I do understand concern of people who dont root because it voids warranty or do not need any of the benefits provided with root.
    03-17-2011 01:11 AM
  5. bmhanson's Avatar
    Or if it is an app you use a lot you can also buy the ad free version...just a thought

    Edit: NM. I see you mentioned Angry Birds and I am not sure there is a paid version of that.
    03-17-2011 10:13 AM
  6. Johnly's Avatar
    Not sure, but airplane mode kills adds, and disabling data kills adds too.
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    03-17-2011 10:17 AM
  7. inkmantpa's Avatar
    I'm confused, I don't have any full screen ads in Angry Birds on my Xoom. The ads are just tiny little ones in the upper right corner.
    03-17-2011 11:10 AM
  8. Nchaka's Avatar
    I like the ad for the Xoom when I play angry birds! You'd think they would know what you are playing it on and place ads accordingly.
    I'd pay for an ad free version if it was available.
    03-17-2011 11:38 AM
  9. Holsum's Avatar
    i doubt that they will make an ad free version based off this information

    the ad-based model is preferable to the paid app model, according to Rovio.One deciding factor is updates which are necessary to keep fans interested in the game. With iOS, updates are available for free to those who already purchased this app. All revenue for Rovio is generated on this first purchase only. With Android, revenue is generated throughout the life of the game from the original version and through all future updates advertising is present.

    So how successful is the ad-based model? Rovio did not state in this video but Vesterbacka has been quoted as saying By end of year, we project earnings of over $1 million per month with the ad-supported version of Angry Birds . One million per month is not too shabby, especially when you consider that the Android version only became available in October.
    03-17-2011 11:44 AM
  10. Drew2u's Avatar
    The new Amazon Market for Android will have a for-fee version of Angry Birds - for sure that won't have ads.

    I've noticed ads are now occasionally much larger in TweetCaster, and have noticed that in Angry Birds every once in a while I'm thrown from the game to the browser, where a full-page for Angry Birds is displayed. I'm ok if they're in the app itself and don't take up too much space, but to be thrown out to the browser really REALLy annoyed me...
    03-17-2011 08:07 PM