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    I use Yahoo nearly exclusively for my mail, contacts, calendar, etc. Is there any way I can get the Calendar app on the Xoom to synch with my Yahoo calendar? I have the same question for my Yahoo contacts. This would be similar to how the Palm Pre works. The Palm Pre does a great job of brining in data from many different sources for use in its application.

    If push comes to shove, I can migrate everything to Google and leave Yahoo or use the web browser, but I'd rather not do that. Thanks.
    03-25-2011 09:49 AM
  2. Vudumedic's Avatar
    Just a thought since Google is so deeply a part of the android experience then it might be time to come on over.
    03-25-2011 09:57 AM
  3. preViously's Avatar
    Thank you Vudumedic. I am considering it and I understand the good reasons to do so.

    I am however interested in learning if the Xoom has the ability to do as I described.
    03-25-2011 10:03 AM
  4. Vudumedic's Avatar
    I hope I didn't come off as being glib. The whole thing is that they are all the Google based stuff. Calander, and Contacts. The best way I can think of getting them synced up is to export them from Yahoo and into Google. Then just changing over completely. Sorry I couldn't offer more of an insight.
    03-27-2011 12:12 AM

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