1. nsharma2's Avatar
    I'm interested in purchasing a Xoom, but have two last concerns.

    I'm worried that if Motorola abandons the Xoom project, then there will be no future Honeycomb updates. Is that even a concern? Would I be able to continually update Honeycomb through Google, independently of Motorola?

    Similar to above, if the Xoom fails, does that mean that future app availability will be more limited? Or is it that an app that is written for Honeycomb will work on all Honeycomb tablets regardless of manufacturer? Additionally, do designers ever have to design apps specific to the Xoom?
    03-25-2011 07:24 PM
  2. Sander#AC's Avatar
    The apps will work specific to Honeycomb, so no matter what device it is on, it will run, if you have sufficient specs. I THINK the updates go through Google, but maybe someone can confirm this for you
    03-25-2011 07:31 PM
  3. Drew2u's Avatar
    Motorola provides Honeycomb "as is", with no Moto enhancements - they didn't even install their Help App. If Moto ever decides to stop supporting it, I'm positive users would be able to get OS updates directly from Google.
    03-25-2011 09:23 PM