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    Hi Everyone. I will be recieving my Xoom on Tuesday and im extremely excited as I have handled it on 2 different occasions at 2 stores. I purchased the WiFi version from BF Photo and its comming Tuesday. Couple of questions for you guys that have the WiFi version.

    1. Is there a SIM card slot in case you bought a monthly 3G or 4G service? I dont know if that makes sense but I figured they might put that on the wifi version incase you wanted to purchase the network connection from a carrier for a month or something. (If so, the wifi version is still LTE capible of being sent to Motorola to install?) Something like Prepaid.

    2. I own the Atrix and am familiar with Android. Love what Motorola are doing with there products. Even tested HoneyComb on the Nook when I had it. How is the battery life running for you guys? I now the Atrix Battery is fantastic! But gets a bit Hot after long use. Does the Xoom battery get hot after extended use?

    3. Has Motorola updated the SD card section to enable SD Card support for extended SD cards?

    Cant think of anything else right now. I just want the darn thing to hurry up and end up in my hands already. I guess its the fun of waiting for the product. Thanks guys!

    04-03-2011 06:58 PM
  2. coldconfession13's Avatar
    1. No sim card slot on wifi
    2. Haven't used it much watched a movie and haven't charged it and it still has alot of battery left so definately good battery.
    3. not updated yet, I'm hoping soon along with bug fixes
    04-03-2011 07:04 PM
  3. naudan's Avatar
    2. In terms of the battery life, I am very very surprised how long it lasts. I mean, maybe its because I got an evo and if I touch that thing for 1 straight hour, its almost dead, but this things battery life is sweet. I easily lasts me 2-3 days without recharging and thats with 2-3 hours of video/games/web browsing a day. Oh yeah, and if you do have to charge it, it charges fast. Also, in my experience, the standby battery life is superb. I mean I have left it alone at like 40% and woke up to being at 38-39%, so its very efficient when on standby.

    The one thing that makes me a bit angry is that once you open a few of the larger program, it seems to bog down. I dont know if this is moto or honeycomb, but considering the fact that it has dual core, I am a little disappointed. However, I find that if I use an app killer (i know that is taboo), it fixes everything in a jiff. Hopefully with newer OS updates, the UI can be streamlined.
    04-03-2011 07:17 PM
  4. p08757's Avatar
    The battery is awsome. It will last longer than any current smart phone you can think of. This thing does not even get warm.

    I hope the SD card update happens soon.
    04-03-2011 07:51 PM
  5. ravizzle's Avatar
    There is a sim card slot, but im guessing it is non functional.
    04-03-2011 10:18 PM
  6. siscim23's Avatar
    There is a SIM card tray, same as the Verizon Xoom. I assume the whole tablet is the same minus the modem and the word Verizon. I was thinking about that too, about whether or not one could purchase the modem and install it to a wifi model.

    I've had the Xoom for a week, and I usually check the battery time when I do plug it in. I typically plug in if it's less than 30%, and it has been at roughly 1 day and 15-20 hours. This is considering I play with it constantly. I have never felt the battery or unit get hot, even under heavy use.

    AFAIK, the micro SD slot does not work, but I haven't tried it. Moto's site still says it'll work with a future software update.
    04-03-2011 10:28 PM
  7. ceriem's Avatar
    To answer about battery life, I have a WiFi XOOM and it's absolutely incredible. It lasts for a day of use easily. I haven't had it drop below 30% and there's been days where I was on it for 4 or 5 hours almost non-stop.
    04-03-2011 10:59 PM
  8. Terrigno's Avatar
    Thats fantastic! Sounds great guys thank you for the feedback. I dont see why Motorola would even release something with an SD Card slot and have it non functional at the time of release. Oh well. If they say theres gonna be an update there will be. They wouldnt put that out there for nothing. Theres also promised updates for the Atrix.

    Good to hear the news on the Battery Life. I am a normal "charge at night before you sleep" kind of guy lol. So its not a super big deal but its good to hear that its packing good juice.

    Man. My unemployment is paying off nice. I feel like a bum now lol. Thanks guys!
    04-04-2011 05:47 AM
  9. coldconfession13's Avatar
    Didn't notice the sim card slot hmm
    04-04-2011 07:31 AM
  10. Terrigno's Avatar
    You didn't?

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    04-04-2011 11:18 AM
  11. LMO's Avatar
    I agree with what everyone else has said about battery life... amazing!!! I hope this stays constant with time, and does not deteriorate as I've seen happen with other devices over time.
    The SD card issue does stink though. I am dying to use Titanium but can't.
    04-04-2011 11:31 AM
  12. siscim23's Avatar
    Didn't notice the sim card slot hmm
    It's at the top of the device, just to the left of the headphone jack. The slot you pull out is the SIM card slot, and the microSD slot is inside of the opening.

    Terringo, the microSD card slot is inside the SIM card slot, so it would take a lot for Motorola to remove the SIM slot and keep the microSD slot. They would need to create a new bezel, as opposed to just leaving the plastic tray there like they did.

    See below.

    The piece of clear plastic you see is a microSD shaped place holder.

    04-04-2011 12:55 PM
  13. Terrigno's Avatar
    Ahh I see what your saying. Hey thank you for snapping pics, that was really nice of you. Im just confused as to why they released this without the SD card slot being usable right now? Thats kind of weird. So the SD card slot can hold an aditional 32GB? or 64GB? The device has 32 installed right?

    Ahhh the Xoom is in Raleigh right now which is down the road! Tommarow she comes . I have a seller willing to sell me a 5 time used Dock in brand new condition for $40 shipped. Im tryna get them to sell it for $35 shipped.
    04-04-2011 04:40 PM
  14. siscim23's Avatar
    Yeah there are 32GB internal, and it's expandable to another 32GB, so 64 total.
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    04-04-2011 05:41 PM
  15. Terrigno's Avatar
    Yeah there are 32GB internal, and it's expandable to another 32GB, so 64 total.
    SWEET! Yeah Im really excited to hear the UPS truck comming up the street tommarow lol.

    How are you guys loving the Xoom? Would you consider it being one of your new Desktop or Laptop Replacements? Well I mean, My Desktop is where the real business gets done. My Laptop is where my Lazy business gets done. So I guess the Xoom is gonna be extra lazy on the couch business? lol I cant wait to get it and give as much input on things I can. Ive had the Captivate, HTC Aria, Dell Streak, Rooted Nook Color with Honeycomb. Ive done rooting, installing different ROMS the whole 9 yards. But this device is gonna be the most expensive Android Ive got. So I gotta be careful with this one.
    04-04-2011 07:07 PM
  16. siscim23's Avatar
    For what I use my laptop for, this is my laptop replacement. It will in no way replace my desktop. Its mainly a toy, but I'm also using it for basic school needs.
    04-04-2011 07:47 PM
  17. zach_alt's Avatar
    the wifi xoom will not be able to use any kind of 3g/lte service. There is no modem in it, and you wont be able to add one.
    04-04-2011 07:53 PM
  18. Terrigno's Avatar
    the wifi xoom will not be able to use any kind of 3g/lte service. There is no modem in it, and you wont be able to add one.
    Ahh thats not to bad though. Considering theres wifi almost everywhere nowadays..............Yup. Even tethering on your android phone
    04-04-2011 08:23 PM
  19. siscim23's Avatar
    the wifi xoom will not be able to use any kind of 3g/lte service. There is no modem in it, and you wont be able to add one.
    Why can't you add one?
    04-04-2011 10:25 PM
  20. ChadH42's Avatar
    Why can't you add one?
    The Xoom is not field upgradable.
    04-05-2011 06:43 AM
  21. coldconfession13's Avatar
    I love the xoom is going to come in handy when I deploy but for now when we are in the field, it's going to be awesome to have.
    04-05-2011 08:30 AM
  22. jediman's Avatar
    The Xoom is not field upgradable.
    I bet we could argue that one

    Sim card slot is still there and I bet the mini PC I inside is too. Grab a replacement 3g modem and pop it in....only other diff may be a kernel flag.
    04-05-2011 07:12 PM