1. trayes77's Avatar
    Several weeks ago I hooked my wifi Xoom via USB to my computer and started up the Doubletwist program. I have windows XP, if that matters. I was able to sync up all of my music from my computer, and upload my existing songs on the Xoom. Everything is all good in sync land until a couple of days later Doubletwist sent out an update to their computer program, I just assumed it was performance upgrade as no new features were added. I then attempted to sync my Xoom again, because I downloaded some songs that I wanted to sync. Well it turns out that the update was not what I believed it to be. Now whenever I attempt to sync my Xoom, a pop up dialog box states "Xoom can only be synced if you purchase the Air Sync app and we are working on an upgrade to sync via USB ". Now this was not verbatim but that is the general message.

    How much crap is that!? That is so shady for them to allow the Xoom o sync one day and then go out of their way to create an update to prevent syncing via USB. Although it makes sense to try and promote their Air Sync app, and try to profit as much as they can from the app, I now refuse to purchase it based on Doubletwist's actions. I'm a stubborn person, and this I wanted to share with the community.

    Please let me know if anyone else has experienced this while attempting to sync the Xoom.

    04-28-2011 10:55 AM
  2. Vudumedic's Avatar
    It is because they updated the program to work with honeycomb. Since the Xoom isn't initializing like and Android phone does (ie USB mass storage) bonjour won't recognize it and do a USB sync. Or at least that is the way I understand it to be. As far as airsync goes I bought it the day it came out so I have always used it. I did however see the message you are talking about when I was transferring movies over. Honestly I don't believe they are up to any shenanigans just a limitation of the programming right now. In my experience they are extremely responsive to trouble tickets and work hard to provide an excellent product that is fully supported. If you check their boards it will probably tell you when to expect a fix. Oh and in my opinion airsync is worth it it makes things so much simpler.
    04-28-2011 03:05 PM