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    One of the reasons I purchased the Motorola Xoom was it has a hotspot capability built into it, supposedly allowing me to connect my laptop for bi-directional access to/from the Internet via the cellular provider's (Verizon) network. I previously had this ability using the Novatel's Mi-Fi Hotspot card (sold through Verizon). The software associated with the Mi-Fi card allowed me to forward individual inbound ports to a particular device on the Mi-Fi hotspot LAN.

    For the life of me, I can't seem to find or access the routing tables, commands or interface with this same functionality on the Xoom. My calls to the Verizon and Motorola helpdesks never get past tier-2 and not one of the folks I've spoken to understands what I'm talking about or appear to comprehend the idea of why someone would want to redirect inbound traffic. A few months ago when I ask this same question on a Motorola board, someone who represented themselves as a Motorola person promised to send the request upstream, though I haven't heard anything since.

    To make matters worse the Verizon folks want to charge me $59/month, plus a $35 activation fee to turn on my Mi-Fi card, even though I'm using less than 50% of the allocated bandwith/per month on my Xoom. I don't want to give up the Xoom because it's seamless switching between Wi-Fi and the Cellular network is very good and makes using the Xoom a pleasure.

    Is there any way to get direct access to either the developers or the network integration folks at either Verizon or Motorola who would understand this and at least explain whether this functionality exists or is on their roadmap?

    Thanks in advance,
    06-23-2011 04:43 PM