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    Mozilla begins repackaging Firefox OS apps for Android | ZDNet
    By Chris Duckett | June 13, 2014 -- 05:33 GMT (22:33 PDT)

    Mozilla has today extended its Open Web App repackaging to Android.

    Users of Firefox for Android are now able to install apps from the Firefox Marketplace, and have them install and behave like a regular Android app.

    "As a developer, you can now build your Open Web App for Firefox OS devices and have that app reach millions of existing Firefox for Android users without having to change a single line of code," said the announcement blog post....

    Pretty cool. They don't have tons but i just installed their Twitter app and am using it instead of my android version cuz i could never figure out how to get rid extra stuff above the first tweet. It's got it's glitches, but i'm gonna stick with it anyway. : ). The Wiki app seems way glitchy so...

    Cool. The Twitter app is only 116kb. So if anyone out there is tight for space, definitely worth checking out.
    06-14-2014 07:51 PM

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