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    I had a really bad habit of dropping my mytouch 3g slide a lot. When I had finally dropped it for what I think was the last time, I was trying to do a factory reset. When I had gotten it done and set up, my screen had discoloration to it. I had turned it off and turned it back on. When I would open and close the slide, my screen would go black and not respond what so ever. Also, the screen had finally gone black. I had assumed it died but when I plugged it into the charger I had gotten to light to indicate it was charging. When I left it on the charger and turned it back on (left sound on vibrate) it will vibrate like it is on...

    Is this my flux cable that has gone bad or is it something else?
    please help... i miss my little smartphoned buddy.
    12-08-2011 09:40 PM