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    My gf wants to me to root her phone cuz she wants random bloatware off her phone (HTC Glacier - MyTouch4g) and she wants to be "faster". And I'm still wondering as to what exactly happen to that 2.3.4 update that this phone was going to get...

    Any way, I have a rooted Epic 4g, but from what I've been reading...rooting this device seems COMPLETELY different than anything I've encountered and I'm finding the steps somewhat confusing. I read the HOW TO guide above, but it seemed complicated (do-able, but complicated...); Is there a simplier method that would let me gain superuser access?

    Also, on a completely side note, occasionally her volume goes on the fritz....phone claims to be silent but will randomly go off...

    Thanks in advance
    01-12-2012 12:43 AM