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    !!! WARNING !!!

    I am not any ways responsible for anything that happens to your device regarding digital data loss/corruption, hardware/software malfunctions, bricking your device, voiding your warranty or any other physical/emotional/financial pain and suffering that you may feel or have felt as direct result of using anything I provided here.

    Hello RootzWiKi-MT4Glacier users my name is HKM. As some of you folks may already know me since the beginning of our MT4Glacier or seen me else where around the Interweb forums like XDA, AF, AC. As its no big secret whats been happening with me vs XDA-Staffs and the drama that followed for over past few months, so ill release CyanFUSION exclusively on RootzWiKi respectively.

    ROM: CM-Team's CM7.0.2-RC1 (AOSP2.3.7GB)
    KERNEL: TDJ's DarkSide X 001 #2 (
    GBEP: HKM's Enhancement Package (v1.6f)
    THEME: Rori's CyanbreadX (HKM/TnP's CM7ICS)

    CyanFUSION is NOT just another cherry picked KANG compiled from CM's repository, but it is the official AOSP build for our device. So what's so special about CyanFUSION? and why should you use it? Since its built for stable daily usage driver, CF is tweaked to run fully optimized and includes my GBEP. Which is super powerboost in performance that you can actually see and feel. As this maybe one of the fastest ROM currently available to MT4Glacier...

    I will NOT beg you folks for donations of your hard earned money as I don't take hand outs from anyone. I was fully committed to the real open source world long before even the birth of Android as my roots goes deep in to the superior world of *nix. So I of my own free will submit this project for the benefit of the MT4Glacier community to empower users to keep our beloved device alive. In return all I ask is if in good faith you liked this rom then please make others be aware of it so they may also use and enjoy it.

    AIM: H.K.M
    eMale: HackingMachine@GMail.com
    Feed: AOL Lifestream : H.K.M

    Sorry folks I am ol' skool :P so no social media (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter) accounts here. But if you have any questions, feedbacks, or need help and support then feel free to contact me anytime and ill get back to you ASAP.

    1. Download CF and put it on root of your SDCard.
    2. Reboot in to Recovery and do NANDROID backup.
    3. Flash CF and if applicable then Add-Ons files also.
    4. Reboot and wait for it to load and enjoy CF.

    NOTE: For newer CF you can just flash it over the current one and you don't need to format anything as the updater-script would do it for you auto clear system, dalvik, cache. But when migrating from another base (SENSE, MIUI), I highly recommend doing full system wipe (erase system -w or format /system, /data) as any trace of old elements would be removed from the device. Just don't forget to also download and flash GApps.zip right after flashing CF.

    SuperSU: Chainfire's root access management tool
    1. Download SuperSU.zip
    2. Reboot in to Recovery
    3. Flash the SuperSU.zip
    4. Reboot and Verify

    NOTE: Once you flash it and go back to verify SuperSU in App Drawer just keep in mind if you see Superuser (OLD) and SuperSU (NEW) both in App Drawer. Then just uninstall (Settings> Applications> Manage applications> Superuser> Uninstall update) the Superuser app.

    MIUI Battery Bar: pvyParts's Battery Bar hack
    1. Download Battery Bar Settings v4.apk
    2. Put it on SDCard and install it
    3. Go in Menu> Battery Bar Settings
    4. Use the following settings below:
    5. Show Battery Bar: Checked (Show!)
    6. Height: 3
    7. Auto Color: Unchecked (Static Color!)
    8. Select Static Color> Hex> FF34B4E3
    9. Uninstall Battery Bar Settings v4.apk

    NOTE: Once MIUI battery bar is added you don't actually need the App. So you can remove it, matter of fact I recommend you remove it.

    Recovery: koush's ClockWorkMod Recovery Touch (v5.8.1.0)
    1. Download Recovery.zip or CWMRT-PD15IMG.zip extract the file
    2. Open Howto Guide.txt
    3. Read the instructions

    NOTE: The md5 file checksum is located inside Howto Guide.txt so verify before flashing if you using the PD15IMG or ADB method.

    ADB: NILEZON X-MOD (v1.0.26)
    1. Download HTCDriver.exe and adb.zip
    2. Install the HTCDriver.exe on your PC
    3. Extract adb.zip to root of your HD (C:\)
    4. Open Terminal (CLICK Start> Run> CMD)
    5. Switch to ADB environment (TYPE CD C:\adb\)

    NOTE: Type in 'adb --help' for list of known commands. But to make sure its working correctly on your MT4Glacier don't forget to enable ADB mode (Settings> Applications> Development> Android debugging) on MT4Glacier and then type in 'adb devices' to see it listed under attached device. Now for it to recognize your MT4Glacier in bootloader mode type in 'fastboot devices'.
    03-16-2012 10:19 PM
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    [03/29/12] ADDED: SuperSU v0.87 (FREE) - CHECK the instruction section first and then grab the flashable.zip from download section.
    [03/29/12] PATCH: DISABLE Boot AUDIO - Don't link AUDIO on Boot Animation? Then grab it from download section and flash the patch.

    [03/25/2012] CyanFUSIONv0.4 SR-3 (Stable Release) is out. Keep in mind if you previously downloaded SR-1 or SR-2 then you do NOT need to flash SR3 to upgrade. But however you can download SR3 to keep it as clean backup.

    CFv0.4SR-2: WiFi problem FIXED. You do NOT need to upgrade to SR3 so just download and flash the patch CFv0.4SR2-P1 and your good to go.

    CFv0.4SR-1: Missing boot.img and WiFi problem FIXED. You do NOT need to upgrade to SR3 so just download and flash the patch CFv0.4SR2-P1 and your good to go as it would also fix the WiFi problem. Now this is just a bad build in fully working condition long as you don't do total ERASE SYSTEM -W before installing. As it would destroy the old BOOT (mmcblk0p22) partition so when you install SR1 the kernel would be missing and you will get stuck on bootloop. However this build would successfully install and run on top of pervious CF as roll over upgrade.

    Change Log
    CyanFUSION-v0.4SR-3 [CURRENT]
    • [03/25/12] RELEASE: CyanFUSIONv0.4SR-3
    • [03/25/12] REVERT: WiFi.ad-hoc support
    • [03/24/12] REMOVED: CM7 based junks
    • [03/24/12] ADDED: RealCalc v1.7.3 (FREE)
    • [03/24/12] ADDED: Battery Calibration v1.2 (FREE)
    • [03/22/12] MODED: StockGB IME Keyboard (ICS Theme)
    • [03/22/12] ADDED: Root Browser v1.4.0 (FULL)
    • [03/21/12] UPDATE: GBEPv1.6f synced
    • [03/19/12] ADDED: Theme CyanbreadX
    • [03/19/12] ADDED: Virtual Recorder v1.25 (FREE)
    • [03/16/12] CREATED: mCPU Scale SN=0/1

    CyanFUSION-v0.4 [Deprecated]
    • [03/14/12] RELEASE: RootzWiKi = CyanFUSIONv0.4
    • [03/14/12] UPDATE: System core
    • [03/13/12] MERGE: CFv0.3P1
    • [03/12/12] MERGE: Colorized CM7 Theme
    • [03/12/12] MODED: GBEPv1.5.f

    CyanFUSION-v0.3 [Deprecated]
    • [03/08/12] UPDATE: Swype (Glacier=v3.25.91.35315) = [CFv0.3P1]
    • [03/08/12] ADDED: MIUI-Camera (v17f2) = [CFv0.3P1]
    • [03/08/12] ADDED: Beats Audio/XLoud engine = [CFv0.3P1]
    • [03/08/12] UPDATE: VSuite (Glacier=v1.1.28) = [CFv0.3P1]
    • [03/08/12] MODED: NetOpt = [CFv0.3P1]
    • [03/08/12] MODED: Build.prop tweak = [CFv0.3P1]
    • [03/08/12] ADDED: AGPS Fix = [CFv0.3P1]
    • [03/08/12] REVERT: BootAniAudi (Low Freq) = [CFv0.3P1]
    • [03/05/12] RootzWiKi release = CyanFUSIONv0.3

    CyanFUSION-v0.2 [Deprecated]
    • [03/03/12] BETA GBEPv1.5f = MERGED
    • [03/02/12] RootzWiKi release - CREATED
    • [03/02/12] Patch v1.0/v1.1=MERGED

    HyperNode-v0.1 [Deprecated]
    • [03/01/12] XDA Initial release = REMOVED
    • [03/01/12] Browser FC = FIXED [Patch v1.1]
    • [03/01/12] WiFi Error = FIXED [Patch v1.0]
    • [03/01/12] XDA release = CREATED
    • [03/01/12] GBEPv1.4f = MERGED

    GBEP-v1.2 [Deprecated]
    • [02/03/12] BETA GBEPv1.2 = TESTED [HKM's CM7.2AOSP2.3.7GB Enhancement Package v1.2 (f, l, nf, nl, tl)]


    [ROM] CyanFUSION-v0.4SR-3
    File: CyanFUSION-KANG20120314v0.4SR-signed.zip
    Path: MediaFire> RootzWiKi> MT4G> CyanFUSION
    Size: 112 MB (118,309,866 bytes)
    Link: mediafire.com/?q1a49141x86mb34
    MD5: EE054D14CA7485C9C67530E9F7270D58
    File: DISABLE BootAUDIO.zip
    Path: Box> RootzWiKi> MT4G> Boot Animation
    Size: 130 KB (133,161 bytes)
    Link: box.com/s/8f49c914d135133462ec
    MD5: D2B3B600FDA6109AC77FB59BD63AA123

    [Add-On] SuperSU (v0.87) [NEW]
    File: SuperSU (v0.87).zip
    Path: Box> RootzWiKi> MT4G> CyanFUSION> Add-On
    Size: 552 KB (565,591 bytes)
    Link: box.com/s/4531fb3257603564b7fe
    MD5: EEE79C8A67394BCCFB53262BE2EF62CA
    [Add-On] GApps-v3.15.12
    File: gapps-gb-20120315-signed.zip
    Path: Box> RootzWiKi> MT4G> CyanFUSION> Add-On
    Size: 23.3 MB (24,442,123 bytes)
    Link: box.com/s/a1ce6ce7c59693779e5b
    MD5: 9315D5B5ED32DD3FF859D872C6918003
    [PATCH] CFv0.4SR2-P1
    File: CyanFUSIONv0.4SR2-PATCHv1-signed.zip
    Path: Box> RootzWiKi> MT4G> CyanFUSION> Patch
    Size: 283 KB (289,942 bytes)
    Link: box.com/s/6b2734fbe4071b9ad5c7
    MD5: 59F321F701B97A6FA64EFC124D341DE8
    03-17-2012 10:44 AM
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    Don't run Task manager (exp: ATK)
    Don't run memory optimizing scripts (exp: v6supercharger)
    Don't run CPU control (exp: SetCPU)
    Don't run VDD control (exp: IncediControl)
    Don't run ad blocker (exp: Adfree)
    Don't run other kernel (exp: Timat)

    ^ those are NOT needed as Ill explain it soon when I have time to write this section but if you have any questions regarding that for now then contact me. In time ill slowly finish this section.

    Q) What is CM7?
    A) CyanogenMod7 (GingerBread 2.3.X) is a customized, aftermarket firmware distribution for number of devices based on the open-source Android operating system.

    Q) What is CyanFUSION?
    A) Its highly optimized KANG of CM7.

    Q) What is GBEP?
    A) Ginger Bread Enhancement Package is collection of unofficial system hacks (scripts, tweaks) that optimizes the current Glacier base thus increasing the performance that you can actually see and feel in daily usage.

    Q) Is GBEP available in different flavor's or ROM's?
    A) Yes, GBEP currently has Lite (multi-device) and Full (MT4Glacier) version. Originally it was planned for all GB based ROM's as theoretically multi-device supported but currently no ETA.

    Q) What is a Kernel?
    A) The kernel is the foundation in which everything else builds upon in any software system.

    Q) What is Governor?
    A) A governor is mCPU frequency scaling driver. Which decides what different frequencies the mCPU operates and provide overall performance.

    Q) What is SuperBad?
    A) A super smooth rendition of a highly optimized governor with low latency and more responsive to the user based on SmartAss.

    Q) What is I/O Scheduler?
    A) Also known as disk scheduling is a term used to describe the method which OS decides which order block the I/O operations will be submitted to the storage volumes to minimize wasted seeks time and guarantee that certain requests will be issued before a particular one thus prioritize certain process's I/O requests and giving share bandwidth to each running process.

    Q) What is SIO?
    A) Simple scheduler algorithm that don't do any kind of sorting. As its aimed for aleatory access devices but it does some basic merging to keep minimum overhead to achieve low latency. The Asynchronous and synchronous requests are not treated separately but it relay on deadlines to ensure fairness. Simple IO scheduler is based on Noop, Deadline and VR IO schedulers.

    Q) What is Renice?
    A) Memory based resident loop that alters the scheduling priority of running processes to keep them running in the background longer than default deadline.
    03-17-2012 10:44 AM