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    I have been lurking around the forums for a while now waiting for my AT&T contract to expire. Reading different post and areas to try and figure out which android phone I would get. Today The UPS guy had a present for me. A brand New Thunderbolt. I got it activated and so far been having a bunch of fun with it. What a learning curve coming form a touch screen Samsung Eternity "dumb phone" to an Android phone.

    The very first app I installed was "Wheres My Droid" app. I figured it would be good for when the "tiny munchkins" that dwell in my home see something new and shiny and decide to add it to their collection of toys. I even fixed Google maps navigation so it locks onto the correct location, not 1K yards away.

    So far I am loving this phone. Made a few calls and the speaker phone works great. I am also glad I made it in time to get the unlimited Data plan before it went away. I am looking forward to many happy years form my new Thunderbolt.
    07-06-2011 12:30 AM