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    I'm pleased to announce the AndroidCentral Developer program - a program that recognizes specific individuals within the Android Development Community. Members of this program are held in the highest regard for demonstrating a level of commitment, integrity, and respect within the AndroidCentral community. This program encompasses a variety of Developers, including those who create original custom ROM's, design theme's, and develop other types of tools. It's our philosophy that Developers of this caliber should receive special recognition and support in the forums.

    • Full compliance with AC's Android Developer Rules -- part of which requires FULL GPL Compliance.
    • Authentic and original work.
    • Ongoing support within the Android Central forums.
    • Known for their ability & willingness to share knowledge, answer questions, and help solve technical issues.
    • A history that is clean of infractions, drama, and controversy.

    Android Developers are provided a variety of exclusive benefits: blog exposure, ROM reviews, badge/rank identification, private forums, Github member recognition within each post, PayPal donation buttons, and a variety of other tools.

    In the spirit of showing support for these members, we will continue to evolve this program to ensure their continued recognition and success.

    What Android Developers are not are not:
    Members who provide personal assistance and/or tech support via private, instant, or email based messaging. Members are strongly encouraged to post all technical questions in the forums, in order to benefit the community as a whole.

    The AndroidCentral Developer group is a selfless volunteer community who collectively spend 1,000's of man & woman hours providing Android enthusiasts a customized Android experience while asking for nothing in return. We ask that members benefiting from those identified as AC Developers do not bash, troll, nor have unrealistic expectations of these individuals.

    We have a zero tolerance policy in the forums for this type of behavior. If you're not a fan of an individual developers work, you are in no way obligated to use it.

    AndroidCentral Developers are held to the same standards when interacting with members of all levels - regardless of skill level.

    Enough from me -- if you'd like to get to know the Developers -- check out the posts that follow. Each has taken the time to introduce themselves to the community.

    If you're a developer interested in becoming a member of this program please contact me via PM or cory.streater@androidcentral.com.


    10-22-2010 01:18 AM
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    Hello world!!!!!!!! (sound's like you're first android app huh?)

    I'm 29 years old and live in the beautiful city of Rochester, NY. I'm original from Battle Creek, Michigan which is where i was born and lived until i was 21. One day i decided it was time to spread my wings so i packed up my old 89 Chevy cavalier and headed down to Tampa, FL. I lived in Tampa for 3 years enjoying the people, sand, people, atmosphere ... did i mention the people? During my time in Tampa I somehow stumbled into a career which is what took me up to Rochester.

    I've owned every gizmo, gadget, and phone you can name. I have been a WinMo user, BB, Symbian, PalmOS, webOS, and now Android. Phones aren't my only passion though. I love hitting the mountains on my snowboard in the winter or playing around with my motorcycles in the summer. I also love spending time with my friends and my 2 English Bulldogs who I always make time to get some good sloppy kisses from.

    My must have Android applications that are installed within 5 minutes of getting a device are Root Explorer (for root users), setCPU, and Tapatalk Pro. The rest of my must haves are built into Android such as Gtalk, Gmail, and email. You give me all of the above applications and I'm a happy guy. Sorry to disappoint but I'm not big into gaming so my applications may seem a little bland

    Thanks for taking the time to read about me, and I look forward to learning about all of you!
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    10-22-2010 11:37 AM
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    Hello all! My name is Jonathan DeVere. I first touched Android at the very end of January 2011. My first Android phone was the Optimus S. I have acquired all my knowledge within the last 6 months and have been developing now for the last 2-3 months. All of the development work that I have done has been on the Optimus S. I love to cook up themes.I have always been into 3d graphics but this was all new for me as far as theming goes.

    I looked at what jstntp was doing on the forum and I liked what he was doing and wanted to join in on the fun. I made my first theme with the help of jstntp and honestly even since the first theme "Blue Touch" I have been addicted. Me and jstntp work together so well that we decided to share the audience and help eachother as well. This is what brought up the "Theme Team". Our threads are put together into a "Theme Team Kitchen" of sorts.

    I have recently divorced and have 2 daughters, 4 and 8. Almost ALL of my time goes to taking care of my family and therefore have had less time that I would like to cook. With that said, I am still cooking up themes and activley helping wherever I can on the forums. Whether it be just basic rooting, recovery and ROM's or just doing some beta testing for the other Developers. Other than playing around on android my other passion is computers. I have just started in Android and im addicted... yes, im scratching my neck ATM just thinking of cooking... LOL.

    Theme Team Kitchen for the Optimus S
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    07-23-2011 07:35 PM
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    My name is Drew.

    I am 21 years young from Colorado, and am a self-taught PHP, MySQL, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X guru. I am currently attending school at LeaderQuest (formerly Hensmann Learning), currently have A+, Network+ and MCTS: Vista Configuring certifications, and am working towards MCSE.

    I got my first Android phone, the LG Optimus S around Christmas of 2010. It was rooted with a custom ROM the first day. Boy was Santa proud. Slowly but surely, tinkering turned into writing rooting guides, which turned into creating full-blown desktop applications designed to interface with Android phones. When I'm not breaking things, I'm fixing them. I run a little one-man business called More Geek For Less, helping people fix their computer and network issues.

    A little more personal info:
    1) I absolutely love Minecraft.
    2) The Rocky Mountains are super amazing.
    3) I run Mac OS X Snow Leopard on an AMD PC, dual-booting Ubuntu 11.04
    4) I have an HP ProLiant server in my basement.
    5) Adobe HQ has the BEST sushi
    6) I would be SO down to work for Google, or any company that has anything to do with Android

    Current Android work:
    XioniaRedux kernel: A custom kernel for the LG Optimus S, tuned for CyanogenMod 7.
    Gingersnap Root Utility: A one-click rooting solution that runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
    LG Optimus S Control Center: A one stop shop for hacking your LG Optimus S.
    LG Optimus S Control Center for Mac: The new and improved hacking tool, optimized for Mac OS X

    Past Android work:
    LS670ZVC Rooting Guide: A guide to rooting the LG Optimus S with software version LS670ZVC.
    LS670ZVD Rooting Guide: A guide to rooting the LG Optimus S with software version LS670ZVD.
    07-23-2011 07:40 PM
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    Hello community...... name is Justin, I am 31 years old and live in Tucson, AZ with my wonderful soon to be wife and our precious 2 1/2 year old daughter. For the past 10 years I have been part of a Customer Service/Maintenance team for a local Floor Covering company. True "Blue Collar" through and through. If I'm not working, I'm hanging with the family or maybe grilling something out back.

    The first time I touched the Android platform was when I picked up my Optimus s back in Jan. 2011. With no phone modding experience, I happen to stumble across Android Central a month later. After a quick root, custom recovery and ROM, I was addicted. My passion now is themes, and I can't stop cookin.

    Everything I have learned is due to the great support here on the forums, self teachings, and patience. There is a wealth of knowledge here.........take advantage!!!

    Hope to see ya around!!!

    All of my Android work (current and old):

    [THEME] Reborn-Shell ROM Theme Kitchen --Theme_Team (Optimus s)

    [THEMES] Custom Reborn ROM Themes by the Theme_Team (Optimus v)
    07-23-2011 07:55 PM
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    My name is Nick DuPree and I enjoy a variety of things. Rhyming isn't one of them so I'll stop that now. Wait did that rhyme? I don't even know. Anyways, other than Android I enjoy dirtbiking on my Kawasaki KDX 200, paintballing with my Smart Parts Toxic Shocker SFT, and playing Gears of War 2 on my Xbox (see pics). I'm currently going to school in Chicago at Depaul University earning my bachelors degree in computer graphics and motion technology. In the summer I work days with my dad's construction company and nights at my local pizzaria to support my hobbies and addictions. Mostly addictions though.

    My first android device was the HTC Hero, followed by the Samsung Moment, then the LG Optimus S, and currently the HTC G2. I did not start deving for android until the Optimus. As a matter of fact, before the Optimus I was just a forum goer like many of you, asking questions that have been answered multiple times instead of using the search function. So uh, karma catching up with me there I guess Anyways, once I started I was hooked. I still have a lot to learn and find the forums a great way to share my experiences and expand my knowledge base.

    Current Work:
    Reborn ROM
    Shell ROM
    Reborn ROM for Optimus V

    Previous Work:
    Roam Control Optimus S application
    Lego ROM
    Themes ported to Optimus S
    07-25-2011 09:05 AM
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    Hi, I'm Leslie
    I'm a dev for the Optimus V, the rowdy forums...
    (I also do some very limited specialized work for the Evo 4g.)

    I grew up on the west coast and now live in the midwest, I moved here after being flown in for a job. It was a nice change of pace compared to the Southern California rat race (I really miss the cultural diversity, landscape and weather). I'm self taught and self employed in I.T, it's hard to describe my exact job as I do a bit of everything, it just depends on what a client needs. I'm a Jill of all trades, mistress of none so to speak, handling everything from home computers on up to networks/servers and web sites for mega corporations, in places around the globe. It's less impressive than it sounds, but I don't really have a boss or set hours, which is nice.

    I got one of the first Blackberries on Virgin Mobile and had just started playing with hybrids (similar to roms) when the Optimus V was released, which I bought before they were on shelves. I think I managed to go 2 weeks before I rooted and installed a rom on it after becoming frustrated with the bloat and just never looked back. I started out tweaking an existing rom and things just went from there. I now use an Evo 4g but still focus on the Optimus V, mostly because I got started there and it's got a great community. I'll go back to an actual Virgin phone once they get another decent, more current one.

    Umm,.. what else...
    I like warm bike rides (on the beach, or screaming down a mountain at 40+mph), British TV, and classic cars. In my spare time I'm usually riding, playing Left4dead2, cleaning my aquariums (fresh and saltwater) or working around the house.
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    04-21-2012 07:02 AM