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    I'm a webOS user(frankenpre2/pixi/pre-/centro/treo600), trying to help my wife with her Samsung Epic 4G.
    Her first one had eclair and got stolen, by the time we got over the loss,
    were sure it wasn't just misplaced, and got up the funds to buy one for full
    price, since we were still a year shy of the carrier assisting us on the price
    (contract renewal) Froyo was FINALLY out, and her experience is better on
    a new device directly updated to Froyo than it was on Eclair....

    However her phone is all jacked up.... downloads and such... the internal memory is so close to full,
    even though with Froyo we can copy ALMOST all apps to the sdcard....

    Any way looking for advice on best practice backing up all her current apps/save states in those apps(ie: worked so hard to unlock levels in angry birds, iRunner, etc, don't want to loose all that time put in), PRIOR to / along with upgrade to Gingerbread.

    I'm tech savy so I can figure whatever out... I recall something about rooting and Titanum app to back up .... Question is am I better off doing:
    1. Gingerbread update first, and then backing up, rewiping with Gingerbread and then restoring the apps/settings she really wants to keep
    2. Backing everything up first, wiping to clean Froyo, restoring apps settings, and then Gingerbread update
    3. Is it possible to backup everything on Froyo, Wiping straight to Gingerbread, and then restoring apps/settings?

    I ask #3 because I know from past experience with other phones / OSes sometimes restoring apps/settings doesn't play well when backup is from previous version of the os/firmware.

    Thanks all for being here....
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    07-25-2011 10:54 AM
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    Hi welcome to android central.

    You can back up the angry birds by searching angry birds backup in the market.
    As fair as backing everything else up is not possible without lossing app data. The only way to do a full backup is to be rooted. And to root u have to lose everything I would wait for gb if u can. I also post this in the epic section where u can get some more direct help. As u should not be running out of space as this seems to be a bigger 'issue that they can help u with.

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    07-25-2011 03:09 PM
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    Welcome to the forums.

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