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    Hi everyone. Im glad to be here.

    I was wondering some stuff. After 17 DROID 1 and 3 DROID 2...I was so happy to get this DROID 3. My 1st order was broken out of the box. My second phone was locked out by sim card. I didn't do it. I was promised a new card in 2 days...4 times. Between calls I delineated problems within first 14 days. The resetting issues. Camera issues. Color/brightness issues. Emails not synchronizing. Hot, hot phone temperature. Audio problems. Calls going straight to Vm...showing up days later. Freezing and crashing. Hung apps. Slow, slow connection...1x or less usually...etc... verizon agents promising return calls but, never calling. I don't know what to do. Man, I am easy but, have a big problem with being implied by verizon that I am the big problem. Can anyone help me? I am not computer phone smart. In't know root or ask...etc. I use phone for work and personal so I get a 20% discount. I have one for my other half...bill is close to $200.00. Been with verizon since bell atlantic, 1993/94. Had an issue with agent in store and had a legal that was kind of resolved if I said it never happeftcned pretty much. This is the only service due to all friends and family on verizon and used to be best service. Do I have recourse? I read fcc and etc saying if phone or item is incomplete with purchase ie broken sim...and promises for new sim...4 times/over night...im eligible for refund. I have emailed corporate and 1 call returned and an email of bs. Never called back after many returned calls. Sorry for the *****iest...I am ready to hang myself...I would bet verizon would then come to my aid with the rope...and offer a free noose ser up. Hana. Thank you. Adam
    09-01-2011 01:22 AM
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    Well, hopefully you have a better experience here... Welcome to AC.. enjoy the forums!
    09-02-2011 10:01 AM