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    This is how to fix your fascinate stuck in airplane mode.

    1. download odin then open the odin file.
    2. download both clockworkmod recovery and the file for the fascinate as well,
    3. most people are using odin and send it over the phone button. well you have to use pda or it will not transfer the modem.bin file.
    4. So here you go first take your battery out of your phone.
    5. then hold your volume down button and connect the usb to your phone.(yellow download screen should pop up.)
    6. click on the pda button and select your fascinate stock verizon file.
    load file and it should take about 2:30.
    7. put your battery back in your phone after it completes and turn it on.this will put you back to stock.
    8. now you can upload clockwork mod, and root your phone through PDA , cause the reason you couldn't call cause you sent it through phone the last time.

    hope this helps.....
    09-12-2011 12:10 PM

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