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    I traded my Blackberry curve in on the Mesmerize mid January and after two weeks of cussing the touch screen I was hooked. Never looked back! Two of my co-workers ran out and bought their own within a week. We are "stuck" with Uscellular due to work paying us stipends to carry a USC phone.
    I was happy with 2.1 and just used it after 2.2 came out. Then when I saw how fast 2.3 followed I went for the upgrade, did it myself and it really is not hard at all if you follow the few steps.
    remove SD card.
    Charge phone to 100%
    Download software onto a good computer with NO firewalls or antivirus running.
    In about 20 minutes you will have your update!
    I lost nothing. Even my ringtones still work, just put the SD card back in after the upgrade.

    I'm not into rooting, or hotspots etc; just looking for tips and apps that make the phone more user friendly.
    I'm not wild about the media interface with Gingerbread, might have look around for another one.
    09-13-2011 03:59 PM