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    Hello everyone out there in ACF. I am not a noob to modern mobile phone technology, however, I have only owned 3 Android phones. My first one was my beloved HTC Hero. The other two that I currently have are the LG VM670 and the Samsung SPH-M910 both from Virgin Mobile. I am currently preparing myself for upgrading my VM670 to Gingerbread 2.3, and also seeking as much help and advice as possible for rooting my SPH. I have an appropriate data cable, and I have downloaded the Windows 7 64-bit drivers for it from mobile-stream.com (for use with EasyTether). I had no problems rooting my VM670 (did it in like 5 minutes), but I keep running into problems with the SPH. My current problem is when I used SuperOneClick v2.1. I hook the phone up, enable debugging, click Root, and then it gets to the point where it says waiting on Device (or something along those lines; I can't remember off the top of my head). So, if there are any Android Wizards out there, help a learning brotha out. Lol. Seriously though. I'm going insane.

    09-25-2011 08:45 PM
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    Yeah, so I kinda figured it out and now have my Intercept rooted and looking for a new ROM already. Well, I guess I shoulda just searched a lot harder and I wouldn't even had to ask. Oh well.
    09-25-2011 11:31 PM