1. Papa Bonheur's Avatar
    I have been a cellphone user ever since there were one. One of my biggest frustration is the limited way information is often presented to the public especially those who are searching for the first time.
    For instance, why is it so difficult to narrow down in a single search all worlphones?
    Even when jumping from Verizon to Sprint, there isn't any readily available information on their sites that tells the visitor in a easy way these are world phone and these are not. A simple column, section or tab etc... The choice then is to click on every item to read the specs which (in the case of sprint) often do not tell you anything.
    Is it difficult to organize such information? What about here on AC. Isn't the mother of references for anything android? Somebody, do something...
    10-25-2011 12:04 PM
  2. Ricky Babalu's Avatar
    Nice name, wonder how long it will last.
    10-25-2011 12:36 PM