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    As a consultant I often travel, and was once again at an airport tired and trying to get some sleep.
    When trying to sleep at airports I always worry about my notebook bag.

    So I had a couple of decisions to make:
    First, what can I do to reduce my travel? -> Get back into development which I love to do.
    Second how do I protect my bag? -> Write an App which uses the motion sensor to detect and alert me if my bag moves.

    So there you go, two birds with one stone. I wrote a motion sensor App and called it "Keep me safe"
    Of course one App did not automatically change my travel requirements, but it is a start.

    After writing the App I wanted to know how it would perform in the Android Market before I published it, but could not find a good way to do it. So I developed a website that gives developers access to a virtual market where they can get an idea of how their App will do before they release it.

    So that is how trying to sleep at an airport drove me to mobile tech and this forum

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    10-29-2011 02:07 PM