1. morami's Avatar
    Has anybody played with the new Tab 7 Plus ?If I got one about a week ago and I have been using it every day for a few hours.It worked pretty well except today when after I played a while with some apps I put it down and later when I wanted to put it to charge I found that it was non-responsive,meaning dead.I picked it up an felt that it was warm at the touch on the back.Then I tried to put it to charge thinking that it discharged and that's why was not turning on.NOTHING HAPPENED !!!!! I left it another 5 min to cool down and tried again and this time it turned on.PHEW!!! Now my question is HAS ANYBODY SEEN THIS?I have to mention that this is my first tablet so I have no experience.I have only 7 days more left until I can return it so....Any help appreciated.Thanks.
    11-18-2011 10:13 PM