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    My wife bought me the Amazon Kindle and I loved it.
    I found that with a little work, I was able to load foreign books on my kindle and read.
    When I found a word that I did not know, I simply moved the cursor over it and the french, german, italian, spanish or english definition would appear.

    It is obvious that the french books were tied in to the french dictionary that I purchased.
    Life was wonderful.

    Now my wife bought me the Kindle Fire and the dictionary feature does not work.
    I talked with support and they tried to walk me through the amazonkindle process and they discovered that the Fire does not have the same feature, YET.

    So I downloaded the open source code from each version, the amazonkindle and the kindle fire.
    I am looking through the code to find out how the old kindle worked with muliple dicationaries based on the book's source language, ie french.
    I am not finding what I expected to find, like some code labeled with something that I could tie back to reader or dictionary.

    Any suggestions?

    I'm willing to modify the code and re-load it via rooting, but I need suggestions on where to find the original book reader code for launching the correct dictionary, and then the faulty code in kindle fire.

    I just loaded the eclipse and the android tools this week.
    Is the application(book reader) in the open source for the amazon kindle and the kindle fire?

    I'm assuming that the code could be converted for the launch of the correct dictionary.
    I'm probably too optimistic, but could it be something as simple as placing the dictionary names in an xml file with the language specification?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    11-19-2011 03:37 PM