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    I'm fairly new to the whole forum idea. I always end up in forums when I do Google searches, so I understand the benefit of a quality forum. Which this is! I really enjoy Android Central.

    About me; I started off with my Sidekick II, didn't own a computer, and that basically was it. I did everything on it. Loved the browser. Thought it was crapping out on me (it wasn't, just a bad SIM card) and bought the Sidekick LX, not too different, bigger and nicer screen. Traded it for a G1, which the keyboard was pretty much the same and it had a touch screen. Liked the idea of Android (open source, endlessly customizable, etc) and quickly fell in love. Sadly the ribbon for the screen gave up on me and didn't work so well. I thought to (and really should have) get the Nexus One, but only briefly, and wasn't to deep into the Android ecosystem to know better at the time, so I bought the Vibrant since the Galaxy S series was quite popular and had great hardware. Of course, I had to have the Vibrant with it's crappy GPS issues, really pissed me off for a few months until they fixed it. Wanted to love the phone but the GPS issue, and Touchwiz left a bad taste in my mouth. I guess having the G1 really made me only want a pure Google experience (hence, why in hindsight I regretted not getting the N1). So, when I heard about the Nexus S, I knew it was what I wanted. Bought it outright, unlocked on the 16th when it was first on sale at Best Buy. First person in the store. The guy at the cell phones hadn't even heard of it, and couldn't readily find it in the cabinet. Been loving it ever since, and I can't wait to have ICS pushed OTA!

    I'm not afraid of rooting, and I have on my Vibrant hoping to find a stock AOSP build of froyo to no avail. I haven't rooted my Nexus S because I'd only root to remove those god-awful skins, to flash a (hopefully) pure AOSP rom. It is what I've wanted; pure Android like my G1 and I will never have anything else. Unless someone makes such amazing hardware that I just have to have it, I would get that phone only if it was supported by Cyanogen.

    I have Android Central and a number of other Android sites in my Google Reader, and checking it all day long is pretty much my favorite thing to do. I love hearing about the latest and greatest, and just keeping up to date in all the news of the Android world!

    I hope to get to know you all!

    - Travis
    11-22-2011 09:12 PM
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    Welcome to the forum man, always nice to see new faces. Hope you enjoy your stay with us.

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    11-22-2011 09:20 PM
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    Welcome to the Android Central forums.

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    11-22-2011 10:59 PM
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    Welcome to the AC Forums.
    11-23-2011 09:23 AM