1. imduvall's Avatar
    I rooted my htc sensation to the Android Revolution HD Rom from Mike from XDA, (great improvement btw)
    playing with the new apps late last night I goofed & deleted the default wallpaper that looks like a night view of office building(maybe), now that I cant find it I just 'have' to have it.

    Its a lamer request but I seriously appreciate anyone who can extract & email the thing to me or post here if case others might want ti.

    I called HTC support, they were very nice but they said "they knew which wallpaper I was asking for since its on their website & all of their advertisements for the sensation but "they could not find the file either", seems a little strange doesn't it?

    HTC support says they cant help me as the image file is not at HTC HUB or any where, its the home screen displayed on HTC website & on all the HTC Sensation phones but no one seem to know how to help me get it back!
    11-25-2011 01:36 PM