1. mahler9's Avatar
    Hello, I just got an LG Enlighten from Verizon. It's my first mobile phone of any kind. Friends are amazed at what I don't know about this stuff since I'm into technology in general. It took me a long time get one of these phones because I hate the way a lot of people use them so rudely in public. I'm hoping I won't be rude myself!

    Anyway, I joined this forum to learn about Android, tips and tricks, etc. I'm hoping the phone won't cost me much more than the land line does (which I intend to cancel once I get used to the smartphone).

    12-19-2011 12:35 PM
  2. RUSH's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central -- Thanks for joining.

    It's nice to have you aboard...In my signature there's a "Getting Started-Tips-Tricks" link - Make sure to Click/Tap on it...It has lots of good information...from there you can find hints, tips and tricks for your Android device.

    There are members here who are willing to help 'you' with any question(s) or concern(s) you may have. You can then join your device's area of discussion where other users will give you help on getting the most out of your device.

    I hope you find Android Central forum informative and prove to be useful! Happy Holidays.
    12-19-2011 12:36 PM