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    I obtained an Archos 80 G9 tablet to play around with, and test out apps. I am not sure how to get an app that I have made onto the device. Here is what I have tried so far:

    1. Upgraded to the latest firmware for the Archos tablet (3.2.78) running
    on the Android 3.2.1 O/S.
    2. Downloaded the Eclipse Classic IDE for Java on Windows 7
    3. Added the Android Development Kit to this IDE
    4. Created a Hello World app in Eclipse
    (I am using Android 3.2 as the target since the Archos runs 3.2).
    5. Used the Android SDK manager in Eclipse to ensure that I have The
    Android 3.2 (API13) items all checked. Also, under Extras, the Google
    USB Driver package is installed
    6. I "Run" the app using the emulator, which looks like a 3.2 1024x768
    screen. The app works in the emulator.
    7. I exported the app onto my Windows machine as an APK file. I needed
    to sign it.
    8. I plug the tablet into the Windows 7 Computer and Open the device
    9. I see that under Computer->ARCHOS80G9->Internal Storage->.system->APK
    there are some .APK files, so I copied the .APK file for the Hello World
    app to that directory.

    Unfortunately, when I use (or reboot) the tablet, I cannot see the HelloWorld app.

    I realize that I could put the app in the MarketPlace (and download it) but that is
    clearly overkill at this point since I am just testing.

    Has anyone found a web page that provides a tutorial on putting apps into this
    12-26-2011 09:54 PM
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    Solved the problem, I think. I was wandering around on another Android site and noticed that their .APK file could be loaded via the browser. Could it be that simple? It was.

    I put the .APK file on one of my servers. I also had to set:

    Settings->Applications->Unknown Sources (had to check this) on the Archos.

    Then, I simply downloaded the HelloWorld .APK file from my server using
    the URL link for that file, and it gave me the option of installing it.

    I hope that this may help others who are developing on this tablet. If you have
    other experiences in your coding, let me know.
    12-26-2011 10:51 PM