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    PocketBook presents a brand new Android app titled All Things Yummy to Treat Your Tummy.

    All Things Yummy to Treat your Tummy is a miraculous and entertaining world where the objects come to life with a slightest touch. They jump and fly, talk and emit funny sounds, do different things and show how to do them correctly. Every page reveals unexpected surprises and amusing games.

    Colorful illustrations that has come to life thanks to the miracles of animation and a books text read by professional narrators in English, Russian and Ukrainian will bring joyous and cheerful emotions and guide your child to new knowledge.

    All Things Yummy to Treat your Tummy was created as an e-book app for a new multimedia reader PocketBook A 10 with a 10-inch multisensory display. Besides, the book can perform on Android devices with a platform version 2.1 and up.

    Various animations, colorful games and tasks turn reading into a lively process that holds childs attention for a long time. This interactive story will be a nice surprise and a wonderful entertainment for kids aged 3-12. And not only for kids!

    This interactive book was created by Ukrainian publisher Glowberry Books and PocketBook International a multinational company that designs and markets e-readers and software.

    Only from December, 26, 2011 till January, 8, 2012 PocketBook makes a wonderful gift for all children and their parents an interactive e-book All Things Yummy to Treat your Tummy is available for free download from Android Market. Hurry up to get your present :-)

    All your reviews and comments are welcome. We are especially looking forward to hear the feedbacks from the little users.
    12-28-2011 03:18 AM