1. mssvgrays's Avatar
    I joined this site because I am trying to find the most successful way to root a Cricket Huawei Ascend II version 2.3.5. Is this even possible to do with the version? Every "solution" that I've tried either didn't work, or the process got aborted. I just want to get rid of all the GD bloatware so that my phone will have space on it for the apps I want. I also downloaded the muve music update onto it and now I want it off because that doesn't work.
    01-05-2012 12:31 PM
  2. tattyt's Avatar
    Hello What I suggest is you flash your Ascend II back to the 2.3.3 and run the update for the Root its easily available then after you have Root on 2.3.3 then DO NOT DELETE ANY BLOAT WARE YET! If you do you can't upgrade to the 2.3.5. after the upgrade you still have Root because it doesn't change it when you upgrade it to 2.3.5. For the MUVE you have to pay for that service at Cricket and its garbage anyway and eats to much space, it requires a Micro SD card from Cricket that is formatted for the MUVE music update I still have it on my Ascend II but I can't use it either. I do not have the Micro SD card for it . I would suggest you stay away from purchasing the add-on for the MUVE Unlimited Music Crap. For the Root update is easily findable on the Internet through other sources for Free. Just make sure that you use a BLANK MICRO SD TO APPLY THE UPDATE Then you can delete the update off the card after your sure that you have Root access to the Ascend II. If this does not work for you to downgrade this is what I had to do because I had deleted some bloatware crap first and It would not let me upgrade to the 2.3.5. So I ran a MOD on my phone then I just flashed it back to the original 2.3.3 easily then ran the root app successfully ran the update to 2.3.5 And still retained Root. Hope this works for you

    03-13-2012 05:41 PM