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    Hello All, I have been with Sprint/Nextel for over 15 years. I really used the Nextel part of the 2 way most of the time, until Sprint bought out Nextel and service went too HELL. However, I still have a I580 phone with texting and 500 outgoing minutes, free incoming, insurance, 2 way, and with all taxes and sur charges I pay $52.00 per month. Sprint service in my area over time is getting worse and not better, so I have looked into getting a Verizon account with the new Driod Razr Maxx, found out that, with nation wide 450 minutes, talk & text, 2 GB, insurance, and sur charges, it would be $100.00 per month. Now I am not sure if I should go to Verizon for twice the price. What would you do? What do you pay, for what you have? Are you happy with your service? Please let me know.
    01-28-2012 09:48 PM