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    Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum. New to a smart phone and new to the Photon 4G (1 week). I'm pretty comfortable with using & manipulating PCs but some of the dialogue in the android world is a little above me right now.

    Anyway, I am interested in rooting my Photon 4G 2.3.4. I've seena few posts on how to dated back to 08/2011 and there's a posting on youtube dated 09/2011 by one of our members. The links to the 08/2011 are no longer valid. From what I've read it looks pretty straight forward but I am probably a little over cautious being new to it. By the way, love the term 'brick'. Hoping to avoid it.

    Here's the link to the youtube video. Can anyone tell me if it's still valid for my version of Photon?

    Hope I can contribute some time soon. I'm really anxious to submerse myself into this world.

    04-30-2012 06:10 PM
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    Nevermind. The link in youtube that I posted worked great. Thanks to QBKING77 and Shabbypenguin.
    05-01-2012 08:56 PM