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    Hi all, im new to all this jazz lol. I recently won a pad from ebay, not knowing much I figured it would be at least good for what I need. Just to use for apps and vids and qwik internet stuff.
    I find now that its pretty useless. Im haveing trouble to no end. And may just be cos I dont no much. But it keeps force closeing apps. Pre installed apps that is. Also it refuses to connect to the net, refuses to accept my login detials for app market. Wont connect to wifi. Also I have a wireless usb dongle, wont even aknowledge its connection, and I have a external wifi motom thingy lol, and still nothing. Video player music player and album force closes. The only thing that works in the installed apps is my pad app. Ive looked around and found many versions, and many new firmware that can be installed. My prob is that the people I won it from refuse to help. And I figure thru my vulcan logic that it needs good proper firmware to be installed. My big problem is, I dont no how to do this, I have no knowledge in doing such things. But I cant find any 1 in aus to help me out. Ive looked into uberiod and honeycomb. But I really dont mind what firmware is needed to make this thing work, as long as it works. Im even willing to send it to who ever can make it work. So please any help would be greatly appreciated. Lol before I take a friendly hammer to it.

    Thanks to all who at least read this, and understand my dismay.
    Cheers all
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    05-11-2012 05:52 AM