1. couragedragon's Avatar
    Thanks to google voice, I've managed to go a year and half without any cell phone.

    It started when I returned to the states from abroad and couldn't decide on a service provider or phone. Up until then I had been chained 24/7 to my blackberry 8800 due to work. I had phantom ring/vibration syndrome and was resentful for having an electronic leash.

    Weeks turned to months, and then it was a thing. How long could I go in this day and age without a cell phone?

    Without any plans to get a phone any time soon, I happened to run across the announcement that the new EVO was coming out soon. Did my research, and Viola! Here I am, excitedly awaiting the arrival of my HTC EVO 4G LTE.

    My first Smart Phone.

    32GB MicroSD and Skinomi protection ordered. Here we go!
    05-14-2012 02:27 PM