1. shemphill's Avatar
    Love my EVO 4g,
    I did not have this problem before last week around 5-17-12 or so, but now Google Maps Causes Crashes and Freezes every time. Now, I cannot even use google maps AT ALL, I have to totally shut the phone down. What do we do? Was it a bug in a maps download or what and what do we do?
    Plus people cannot hear me on the phone, goes in and out.
    05-31-2012 11:12 PM
  2. shemphill's Avatar
    First, I could not get into my email account and had to change the password. That ruined my phone. From that time on, I could not sync my gmail account or my calendar. Then Google refused to let me go back to my old password, since that should correct the problem. But no, they won't let you. WHY NOT? ...
    We cannot just do a hard "reset" because a hard reset wipes out too much, I need to save client texts, and phone logs which cannot be downloaded so we cannot "reset."
    Google, you are ruining everything-- how could you do this to us?
    I can access all other emails just not the main email Why can't we just switch emails, or allow us to save texts and phone logs to download. Google needs to give us a patch so we can fix these terrible bugs.....
    Does Google realize how ridiculous it is to have a GOOGLE DROID PHONE -- droid apps, yet the google apps down work, the google maps crash, I cannot get into the GMAIL account, and my google calendar won't sync, but I CAN access my AOL account just fine... GO FIGURE... Google if you are listening, FIX THESE PROBLEMS. Anyone have any advice?
    05-31-2012 11:26 PM
  3. ajonesma's Avatar
    welcome to android central

    I think you'd find more help in the EVO 4G LTE forum, you'll find many other owners there that can help you out with any problems with your device.
    05-31-2012 11:33 PM