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    Hello I would just like to name my devices which are now the Evo 4g LTE, Nook Color, Huawei S7, Acer A200 and soon the Galaxy s3 Sprint version. I started out with the Samsung Moment which I actually just got back from my wife temporarily until I get the S3. I had an Epic 4g from Sprint of course the original one but gave that to my wife and she loves it. I set her up with version 3 of the ACS EI22 rom and Strawberries and creme Theme. Then I installed ADW and the coolest pink theme I found York's pink ADW theme and installed my beach hd and turned everything pink that I could like the beach towel, umbrella etc. Needless to say it looks awesome. Anyway, I listen to Android podcast all day everyday at work including the Android Central podcast which is one of my favorites. I can not stand Apple trying to screw up my devices by taking away features when they could be innovating to create more competition resulting in better products for everyone. No matter what Apple fans say the I-Phone and IOS look outdated next to my Evo 4g LTE or any other cutting edge high end Android phone for that matter. I hope everyone else will share their experiences with Android. I will elaborate more later ! I have to go to sleep now but I will just end this saying that I root, mod and tweak all of my devices to my hearts content and by the way I had the original Evo but traded it in and got $240.00 at Best Buy through the buy back program after I had it for eleven months and then got the $50 gift card for buying the new Evo. So with the new hd invisible shield a blue platinum PT case and another buy back program for the new Evo I walked out the door only paying $16 for everything. I had an upgrade on my wifes line and thats why I gave her the Epic4g. She likes physical keyboards and it is probably the best phone on Sprint that has one so why not. I ahve another upgrade July 2, 2012 and then this time next year I have another one so I will use the buy back again at that time to get what ever I believe to be the hottest phone at the time on Sprint. Then the next year two more upgrades again. Have a good one and enjoy your Android !
    06-10-2012 02:44 AM
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    Welcome to the Android Central forums. Enjoy.

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    Thanks for the welcome. Please give me info about android tutorial.
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