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    So here I am guys introducing myself. Kiveau - and by the way that's my PSN as well, I play BF3 for the time being, so... you know.. if you want to I'm there.

    But more on topic: Came over from WPCentral today. Finally made the jump. Reason for this? I may decide to get an Android device. Have a BlackBerry for the time being and hated it forever. Even before I got one. But the sheer number of people in the country that has one just made me get it instead of a feature phone. It was free anyway.

    However, come around this November I may have a choice of which phone to get. I was fixated on getting a Nokia running WP8, but then I thought it through. I run Linux...

    How. Does. That. Make. Sense.

    Well, It wouldn't really matter if all I would have to do is plug the phone in and use SD card support right? (Coming in Wp8) And updating can be done with my Windows partition that I leave there for safety's sake. But who wants to use Windows?? I don't. So I've decided that I may actually get an Android after all. A new Nexus due this year? I'll take either that, or the further discounted GNex.. makes sense right? So here I am, ready to absorb all the information in your heads so I can make my decision.
    07-25-2012 10:47 AM
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    Welcome to the Android Central forums. Enjoy!

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    07-25-2012 11:54 AM