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    Hey guys I just wanted to drop by and say hi! I am a newly reformed android user. For a VERY long time and about a dozen devices, I was a loyal BlackBerry addict. Since my last device (the 9900 with AT&T), I was using an iPhone 4S for a few months until my new line was set up with Verizon (I am newly employed by them). Now I have my new line and a new android device.

    I started with the Galaxy nexus, but quickly realized it did not have the battery I needed, even with the extended battery. I then swapped into what I am using now, the Razr Maxx. I currently have the newest Verizon ICS update, I am not rooted, I run Go Launcher & SMS...

    I am always looking to learn more about Android and good apps to find in the Market.
    I also have Google talk on and ready to go with my new phone... however I have no one to chat with :-( Feel free to add me: JarrodWallach ;-)
    07-25-2012 04:16 PM
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    Welcome to the Android Central forums. Enjoy!

    Sent from my SGS III
    07-25-2012 04:42 PM