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    Hi Im Mike, I am thinking about moving to Android. I have allot of questions. I am coming from an ecosystem that I am comfortable with and have lived in since 2007. I have had the 2g IPhone, the 3gs and upgraded to the 4s in November of last year. I am a very satisfied Macbook Pro owner, got my first in 06 and the one I currently own is a mid 2010 17inch i5 processor with 500gb HD. Base mode no bells or whistles. The Problem is the IPhone 5. Ho Hum boring. they took away my maps and it looks like a third grader updated the Find IPhone app. PLUS APPLE IS SUEING the competition to limit the same. I am tired of it and have been looking seriously at the Galaxy S 3. I have 868 apps but like everyone else I only use a very small fraction of that everyday. I don't mind losing apps if I can move into an ecosystem that I am comfortable with. Can I download apps that I have deleted on an android phone? Will I be able to know the whereabouts of my wife when she uses her IPhone 4 (That is a MUST) I am a AT&T customer with a grandfathered Unlimited Data Plan. I would use the Galaxy S3 to watch video on the phone. (I do have wifi at home) Watch video via Mhl to 2007 Bravia tv and for covert tethering to download torrents. Ofcourse all of this will have to work with my Macbook Pro. I know that I won't be able to sell my android for 500 to pay for future upgrades and that is the hardest part, but i will give that up if the questions in my post are answered to my satisfaction. By the way, i will not be early upgrade eligible until mid 2013 so i plan on adding another line to get the S3 next month.

    09-20-2012 07:08 PM
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    I'll answer your question about deleted apps... once you buy it it's yours and attached to your Google account... (you do have 15 min or so to get the auto refund... if removed after that then you if you would need to request a refund... otherwise its yours whether you remove it or not)

    As far as your wife.. can you still use Google maps on the iPhone? If so... latitude would help with that. (If that's what you're asking)

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    09-20-2012 07:17 PM
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    So I could delete an android app on my GS3 and download it again for free later, I could do that as many times as I want like ICloud? even a year later? I don't know anything about google Latitude. I know that apple discontinued google maps on their phone and put some home made junk to replace it. I just want to gps track the other phone on my plan which is an Iphone 4, so I can see the location and street name in real time.
    09-20-2012 09:00 PM
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    You are correct--once you've purchased an app on Google Play (or Amazon Appstore), it's yours forever, and you can download it whenever you want (unless the app maker discontinues the app for some reason, which has happened once or twice in my experience--if you don't have the app on your device when they discontinue it, then you're out of luck).

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    09-20-2012 09:50 PM

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