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    Hello All! I can't tell you how excited I am to be here.

    I'm a huge Android fan, and I'm also a huge fan of unyielding platform wars between Google, Apple, and Microsoft. It just offers amazing competition, and yields best results for consumers. As platform-agnostic as I am, there are very specific and key reasons why I love Android. To me, Android represents the integration of great hardware, software, and internet-based services. People don't realize how critical it is to have a computer boot up and integrate extremely well with a "core set of services". When I say "core set of services", I'm really talking about Maps, Navigation, Mail, Calendar, IM, Video Conferencing, Cloud-based Storage, Browser (Chrome), Music, and other Misc items.

    Unlike iCloud, that has a very finicky set of integration points across Apple's line of products, Google Sync is only getting more powerful by the day. On top of that, Google deploys far more machine learning algorithms into their products. I almost have an inkling that my Android learns from me overtime, and responds by offering very targetted, curated suggestions. And that's exactly what I need in a "smart" phone. And its completely expected. Google hires amazing engineers, and they were "born cloud", as they say. In contrast, I've just never found the iOS platform to be all that powerful. iOS has almost felt to me like an attempt to wow people on great hardware, while focusing very minimally on software, while relying almost entirely on Apple's 3rd party developer ecosystem to produce great apps. The problem with this approach is that I do still like deep integration with core services. This is what I feel that Apple doesn't understand.

    I do still think that there are lots of areas where Google could make dramatic improvements, but I've made my bets on Android and I'm sticking to it! For these reasons and more, I use a Galaxy Nexus, OS X Mountain Lion on a Macbook 11" Air, and Google Chrome as my primary web browser. I've been meaning to get a tablet too. Maybe a Nexus 7 or Nexus 10? Btw, I love the Nexus brand! Nothing beats clean builds of Android.
    11-04-2012 09:26 AM

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